Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Fall Y'all!

It finally feels like fall here. The trees are beginning to change and the weather certainly has a slight nip to it. I love the changing of seasons! I'm certainly enjoying all the fun things of fall... candy corn, pumpkin carving, cider, chili....Oh, and Pumpkin Pie Blizzards from Dairy Queen. (The blizzard is amazingly good, but BEWARE they can also become very addictive!)
Last weekend I was able to go to a Fall Newlywed event where we had some wonderful soups, deserts, some games, AND a pumpkin carving competition. I do love a good competition! No I didn't win the competition, but I sure had fun. I can't wait to carve again, this time with Roderick...he missed the activity because of work. However, I'm not sure I'll get him to try it again. Yesterday, my wonderful husband had to transport this lovely pumpkin to the trash can. Suffice it to say it was ALREADY a very moldy, stinky mess! The bottom even feel out as he transported it to the trash can. EWWWW! Never heard of pumpkins molding in a week. I've always had pumpkins for a long time...not sure where I went wrong with this one. At least I got a picture!
Hope your weekend is great...and you don't experience any trouble with Nasty rotten pumpkins!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rod's Birthday...Finally!

Well, its been about a month since I last posted. I now have a nifty little "widget" that's telling me people ARE visiting...but not finding anything new. So I'll try to fix that and hopefully I'll be better at posting in the future. So to all the readers that I now know are out there.... Thanks for being patient!
Over a month ago Roderick and I celebrated his birthday. We were able to have a wonderful time together on his actual birthday, but he did have to go into work. I made him some of his favorite sugar cookies to bring into work. (He didn't want a I made it work!) We had a little celebration that weekend together and with some friends. I DO so love birthdays and even more so getting to spend time with my dear sweet husband. Here's a few pictures of the memorable event: (WARNING POSSIBLE PICTURE OVERLOAD!!!)

Roderick's first birthday "cake" for his 25th birthday... work edition.

Some of Roderick's birthday party decorations...put out "early" on his actual birthday.

Birthday dinner together at our favorite NICE restaurant!

The gorgeous view from our table!

The wonderful fare. No its not seafood...but its the best steak EVER!

Creme Brulee for dessert! DELICIOUS!!
He blew the candle out TOO fast!!!! (Or my cameras too slow! HA)

Birthday party with just a few of our friends...wish we had a bigger apartment so we could have have had more friends over!

The boy's decided to measure one another... Boys will be boys!!

Roderick's final birthday "cake"....Tiramisu this time.

The camera must be slow...the birthday boy wasn't even in the picture this time. But at least the candles are still smoking!
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