Friday, November 20, 2009

A visit from Grandma and Grandpa

A couple of weeks ago, my Grandparents were in town. (Okay, maybe it wasn't a couple of weeks ago. I think its almost a month ago now! WOW, time sure does fly by.) We had so much fun together, even though they were only here for the weekend. They are from Oregon, so I was so surprised when I got the call that they were coming to "my neck of the woods." They had never been out "East" so they decided to take a bus tour starting in Philadelphia and going up into Canada. They rode the bus for 2 weeks and it seems they had a blast from all the stories they told. I'm so glad they decided to stay a little longer and visit me in Virginia! They also took the extra week to do a little touring. They went back to visit Washington DC and New York City on their own. They even took tour of the White House and went to see Phantom of the Opera in NYC.
Here's the highlights of the trip according to Grandma:
1.) Seeing my Number 1 Granddaughter. (Lest my sisters get mad... I'm their first grandchild so although they don't have a favorite, but I'll always be the Number 1 grandchild! )
2.) Niagara Falls
3.) New York City (Grandma was so surprised this made it into the top three. She's not fond of big cities and was VERY leery of going even after going through it on the tour bus. But she loved it!!!)
4.) .................................................................................................................................................
While they were here we took them out to our favorite local restaurants, 3 Amigos and Chesapeake Pizza. We also took them to the beach and our favorite Starbucks along the boardwalk. Unfortunately it was dark by the time we got there, as we neglected to consider the fact that it was time change Sunday! They still got to see some of the sites and we all enjoyed some Starbucks.

Now that they have a taste of our side of the country I think its going to be easier to convince them to come out here. Grandma was already talking about a return visit!! (Yeah!!!)

Grandpa takes his first taste of Starbucks....EVER!

I guess he liked it! It's only fitting that we introduced Grandpa to the treat. I did the same with Grandma several years ago and she's LOVED Starbucks Strawberry Cream Frappuccinos ever since!

Grandma and Grandpa thanks for visiting us and come back soon!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Recent Projects

I've been busy painting and crafting recently. It is so much fun to put scripture around the house, give gifts to friends and even sell your creations! Sometimes I do need a little "kick" to get started though. I recently got that "kick" in the way of a craft show. Last year you may remember Melody and I made wreaths....this year we are still selling them! We decided to only do one "show" this year and we prayed diligently that the Lord would sell our wares. We left with nine wreaths and returned with only three. Thank you Lord! Ironically the three were the ones that we thought were the best and would sell first! One of the wreaths has been my absolute favorite from the it's mine now! The other two, the two blue elegant ones, will be put on Craigslist to hopefully find a new home before Christmas!
We decided to add a few other craft items this time. I made up some chunky crayons and even did a few paintings. I thought I'd see if they sold after several friends thought I should. I really wasn't expecting much, but they all sold! Of course they were only 8 x 10's and I did price to sell!
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