Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hair today....

....Gone tomorrow!

I haven't cut my hair since I got sick in August. {As in not even a trim!} It was getting really and I was dying to have it cut. Especially since the temps have been near 100 lately. I was hoping to be able to donate it again like I did 2 years ago, but with a wedding at the end of the month I decided I didn't want to risk it. Ended up cutting off about 8 inches. I think its going to take a little while to get used to short hair again, but we both love it!

P.S. I am NOT loving the affect Prednisone is having on my cheeks and weight....yeah gotta work on that!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Botanical Gardens Date

Roderick and I love to take a walk through our local botanical gardens. {So much so that we decided to splurge on a year long pass!} Thankfully there is lots of trees for shade on a hot day. There's nothing quite like taking a slow stroll through a gorgeous garden with your Honey. Life has been too busy and this was just the "date" we needed!
Here's a few pics of our most recent trip:
{Loving all the different varieties of  hydrangeas - my favorite flower and the Columbine's that remind us of "home" -Colorado's state flower}.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Beach Project #3 - {Tee shirt update}

I'm just getting to posting one of my final projects at the beach in March. My niece needed a shirt for their family pictures on the beach and we couldn't find anything to match. The only thing close was a plain adult women's shirt in XS. It fit okay, but it was plain and way too long. I figured if Make it Love it can update shirts I could at least try it as well. A little lose stitch to make a ruffle and rosette and this is the result. (I found instructions for creating a ruffle on Make it Love it, but I can't find it now. She just did an website update so I'm hoping it will show up on her sewing tips page soon so I can post the link here.)
{Before}                                                    {After}
Even though the stitching is far from perfect there is something so satisfying about creating something yourself! Hope this inspires you as well. I'm a very novice sewer so if I can do it anyone can!!

Isn't my niece beautiful! And her photographer Aunt (my sister) did a great job capturing the pictures for me too!

{The headband was another beach project that  was again inspired by Make it and Love it. So easy and fun!}
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