Friday, May 30, 2008

Tiffany's Graduation

My youngest sister, Tiffany, graduated from Brockmann homeschool on May 16th. She is the last of my siblings to graduate from high school and the only one to go completely through from K-12th grade. (They didn't start homeschooling untill I was in the 8th grade!) Roderick and I were able to go to Colorado for a fast and furious trip! Again, I didn't get many pictures of my own. So, I was waiting for some to be sent to me before I made a blog of the event. I finally got some pictures yesterday so now I'm blogging again. (That and the fact that my family says they have been checking often and were "disappointed" I hadn't blogged! Now I'm trying to make up for it.)

Each one of us kids had to organize and plan our own graduation as a final exam. (Which included creating a budget and getting it approved by Dad!!!) It was a lot of work, but I've found the skills very useful. I know for me I was so happy to see all my plans turn out. Tiffany's graduation was very bright with neon colors everywhere. She did a great job planning and the graduation turned out perfect! Everyone especially loved the reception with not only cake, but also pizza bites and puppy chow!
It's a tradition for each family member to give the graduate a small rememberance. We all gave her a charm braclet with a special charm from each one of us. Here Jennifer is presenting her charm to Tiffany.
Three brave young men wore pink in order to cordinate with her colors!

My younger sister's having fun with the "decorations" as we were cleaning up!

My Handsome husband and I


I love a nice pedicure! It is SO relaxing and I love looking at neatly painted toes in the summer. Now that we are in VA I miss going with my sisters and mom occasionally to get them done. SO... I asked my mom before we went to my sister's graduation if I could have an early birthday present. I wanted all of us to go get a pedicure. We were only in Colorado for 3 1/2 days, but we did end up going on the day of Tiffany's graduation. It was such a blast. We ALL got to go. My mom, my sisters Jennifer and Tiffany, my sister-in-law Mindy and even my Grandma. It was a mother's day gift for my grandma and sister-in-law, birthday gift for Jennifer and me, and graduation gift for Tiffany. What fun! The funnest thing was sitting next to Grandma and watching her face as she got her FIRST pedicure. She wasn't so sure she'd like it, but I think I'll be able to get her to do it again! I caught her admiring her toes quite often. It was so much fun to get to spend some time with the girls! (Naomi (3 1/2) and Niki (10 months) - my nieces - were home with Grandpa, but Aunt Jenni and Aunt TiTi painted their toes later at home! = )

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend Roderick and I had a fun time with friends and each other. It was a very relaxing, but full weekend. I was only able to take one picture, as I forgot the camera for every other event! = ( I think I need to invest in a camera that can fit in a pocket or purse. I love pictures and hate not having a camera when there's a fun event! Oh well! We tried to figure out how many different things we could fit into the time. Here's a list of some of the things we did:

40 Things we did this weekend

1) Found some neat finds at a couple of garage sales with Melody - Laura

2) Watched a parade with Ulys and Melody

3) Picked Strawberries from a strawberry patch for the first time

4)Attended the Strawberries Festival with Ulys and Melody

5) Looked at lots of Military equipment

6) Tried on military ammo vest and hat - Roderick (Wish I had a camera for this one! = ( )

7) Petted some very soft sheep

8) Watched pigs being judged for 4H

9) Felt the weight of honey still in the honeycomb - it was amazingly heavy

10)Watched some cloggers

11) Ate some East coast barbecue

12)Watched military dogs in action

13) Became strawberries (Ie. We got very sunburned! )

14)Looked at some neat big houses

15) Went to the Chesapeake Library for the first time

16) Saw the new place Melody and Ulys are hoping to rent

17) Started Mansfield Park - a 5 hour DVD from the Library

18) Made some brownies with fresh strawberries on top - Yum!

19) Attended a Fundamentals of the Faith class - Sunday School

20) Sang Praises to the Lord

21) Listened to an excellent sermon by Pastor Dan

22) Ate great food at the church picnic

23) Played some Frisbee - Roderick

24) Played Minnesota Softball - Roderick

25) Had our car washed by Sam and Sarah - it was a "Christmas gift of service"

26) Finished Mansfield Park

27) Babysat the Davies kids - they slept the entire time

28) Watched the movie Persuasion - Roderick said it was the best movie ever (Jane Austen movie that is) - Laura slept through some of it ( it was 2 in the morning! )

29) Slept in

30) Went to Norfolk

31) Walked around downtown looking at old colonial houses for an hour or two

32) Toured the Battleship Wisconsin

33) Ate pizza at the mall

34)"Ran into" the Varner clan at the mall

35) Took a nap

36) Started working on painting the desk for the "hobby room" - Laura

37) Studied for summer school class in the morning - Roderick

38) Ate a late dinner on our porch by candle light

39) Studied and painted some more

40) Went to sleep!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Teacher Appreication Day

For those of you that don't know Monday was officially Teacher Appreciation Day. After working in Extended Care for the past year, I have a much fonder appreciation and awe of teachers. They really do have a hard job! Not only are they required to teach the children, but also keep order in the classroom. Which, at least in extended care, is a full time job in and of itself. However, it has been amazing, at least for me, to see the love the Lord has given me for "my kids" over the past 8 months.

GCA doesn't just celebrate one day, but makes it a whole week long affair. You should see some of the neat treats and gifts the teachers are carrying to their homes. You can definitely tell they are appreciated! Since we are not officially teachers we don't get to participate much in the action. However, today GCA had a luncheon for teachers. Originally we didn't think we were going to be invited. However, not only did they include us in the luncheon, but they also gave each one of us a gift.

When we arrived we were given a list of the gifts available and we were to number the list according to which one we wanted most. (There were 45 options with several of them having more than one of the gift available.) Each teacher was assigned a number and they drew numbers out of a hat. Then you got the gift that you had rated highest and wasn't already given away. There were lots of things to choose from. Everything fromTaekwondo lessons to Tropical Smoothie cafe gift cards. I got a massive hygrangea plant. What fun!

I mentioned in passing yesterday to Melody that we were not really included in the "appreciation" from the students. She decided to surprise us and had her students write my coworker and I thank you notes. (All but 3 of her kids come to me after school!) It made me tear up a little to see their excitement in giving us their homemade cards and a couple of small gifts. It definitely made me feel appreciated and let me know that "my kids" appreciate me. I think I'll be able to make it until the end of the year now! (I would have any way, but it helps! )

So... for all you teachers (and home school moms!) that read this blog, I just wanted you to know that you ARE appreciated! Thank you for spending the time to teach and guide the young kids of this world. AND Mom thank you for taking the time to teach me the last 5 years of my schooling! You are appreciated! (Your almost done with your home school career mom, 1 more week!)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Simplify painting

I've been having fun painting lately thanks to the inspiration I've received from Sarah. (see her blog here.) This is the first time I attempted to use some paper in the painting. After finishing the project I painted on a coat of modge podge. This is the result.

I guess the moral of the story is don't use modge podge over gell pen ink!!! I was able to repaint just the edging. Then I used modge podge again over the whole painting. Finally I used the gell pen again. Probably not how you are supposed to do paintings, but it works for me! I'd love to be able to improve my skill so I can create cards/prints like Sarah. Maybe someday. For now the paintings will just hang in our house!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Busch Gardens

Right inside the enterance to Busch Garden Europe

This past weekend Roderick and I decided to do something fun. He mentioned this would be his last free weekend before summer school begins again, so we both wanted to make the most of the time. Since we don't know the area too well yet, Kerry Messer graciously gave us a few neat suggestions and we both decided Busch Gardens sounded the best.

Laura in front of the Azalea's for Momma B.

We were even more excited to learn that as a Virginia resident we only had to pay one time, then we could go for "free" until September. We had a blast relaxing and just spending time together. What a great date! Hopefully several!

Roderick in front of the Loch Ness Moster Roller coaster. Our favorite of the day!

Roderick has only ridden a roller coaster once or twice so we started out slow. Now I don't think I'll be able to keep him off them. He was ready to go on the Griffon, the tallest, "scariest" ride there! I wasn't quite ready for that one, especially since I felt a cold/flu coming on. Maybe next time.

One of the gorgeous gray wolves we got to see.

We also got to see some Clydesdales, Dalmatians, Bald Eagles, and several very cute, trained animals. I really wanted to see the Irish show, the Emerald Beat. We forgot to pick up a map/showtime pamphlet. A lot of the shows started just before we got there (and they don't let in late comers! ) However, the Lord allowed us to arrive just in time for the Emerald Beat. We both thoroughly enjoyed it! Roderick also splurged and tried his hand at one of the carnival games. He got three balls and wanted me to throw one. Let's just say I hit one of the pins, but didn't win any prizes! Those games are SO expensive for only a few seconds of fun! But it was fun any way.

Before we left I got a funnel cake... complete with strawberries and whipped cream. It was so good. Roderick got really sick the last time he had one (probably more from his Country Buffet meal than the funnel cake), but needless to say I got to eat almost the whole thing myself! It was so delicious!!

Having fun while waiting for the Pet Shenanigans show to start. (Don't you love the kid behind us waving at the camera ! Guess he wanted in on our self portrait. )

What a fun, relaxing day! It was so nice knowing we could come back again anytime we wanted. We were able to relax and save things for our next visit. I'm ready to go back this weekend!

We're in the blogging world now!

After months of creating blogs in my head, we decided it's finally time to actually start a blog. Roderick has been pushing me to do it... SO here we are. I've created a name and created the blog... now why can't I think of anything to say!

I have not been faithful at journalling in the past, but hopefully this time since it's new technology I'll be more faithful! Even if no one else finds it interesting, we hope to use it as a way to remember what the Lord has done in our lives. (Especially when we are having a bad day!)

So here begins our new blog...
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