Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Encouragement I needed today

I have only recently found, but I love this FREE radio. You can create your own station with the music you like. Today I needed a little encouragement so I put in the artist Keith and Kristyn Getty. It was just what I needed to be focused on my loving Savior and worship Him. It was such an encouragement to me I just had to share my find. May you rest in the love of your creator and Saviour today as you reflect on His goodness in your life!


  1. Thanks, Laura!! I've been listening to pandora for some time now.(I may have even told you about it). But I've been trying to find a mix of music I really liked.
    I typed in Keith & Kristyn Getty and this is IT. I LOVE it.


  2. That is cool! I am trying this out now! Thanks for letting us know about this website!

  3. Hey, have you heard the K & K Getty one called "Jesus draw me ever nearer." That one is like one of my favs. I have a cd of theirs and also a song book... can't wait to hear how those sound. Bummer that we can't get pandora here though...:(


Thanks for taking the time to comment. They brighten my day. I love each and every one!

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