Friday, November 7, 2008

Whimsical Welcomes **Edited**

This has to be a quick post. Melody and I are leaving soon for Virginia Beach for a Christmas Craft show in a Catholic church....
Last year around Christmas we decided to have fun and make some Christmas wreaths to sell. We purchased all the items really discounted, boxed them all up to store until we had time to make a few wreaths, and realised they were going to take up quite a bit of room! So about March or April we decided that we would only do this once. We had so much fun decorating them and preparing for our first big sale. (Listening to a little Christmas music in 80-90 degree weather to get us "into the Christmas mood.") We had high expectations that it would be an awesome day. Well, the first sale was a few weeks back. We woke up really early and were in Virginia Beach a little after 6 in the morning! As it began to get light and we started to look around the CRAFT/Flea Market we decided to sell in was really just a really big Garage Sale! = ( We found lots to be thankful for that day. However, making money was not on the list. We did end up selling a wreath hanger at the end of the day, but that didn't even cover the initial cost of setting up. It was also really windy all day, so we found ourselves standing holding our screens to display products all day thinking of lists of things to be thankful for.
Needless to say we are looking at this event with great interpretation. We did learn a lot from the first event so we made sure 1) it was a Christmas craft event 2) that the event was indoors! So we are praying fervently that today is a much better sale day. We still have a couple more events scheduled in the upcoming weeks. By God's grace I hope to have wonderful news of a great sale this evening! Otherwise, all of our family and friends should be prepared to have new wreaths for Christmas, and their birthdays, and..... Please pray with us that it is a great event and that we are able to be a testimony for Jesus Christ to those around us at the sale.
Hope ya'll have great plans for your weekends!
***Edited: Yeah we made a little money this time and we definitely had a good time! It wasn't a really busy show and a lot of the other vendors complained about the lack of profits. For us, however, at least selling something made the show a great one!!! Now on to another show next weekend at a ladies retreat. You may not all be getting wreaths for Christmas after all!!


  1. Your stuff looks so cute!!! I hope it goes great!

  2. Yes, your stuff looks great. I would buy it. (Or steal the ideas, go home and make it myself-- Ha Ha). Maybe thats what happened the first time you tried to sell! So glad you sold some this time. I'll be praying for your next selling adventure.
    Love, Mom : )


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