Saturday, July 10, 2010

Birthday Blessings

I was thoroughly spoiled by my family and friends this birthday. We started the festivities with a get together with a few of our friends on Sunday night. Wish we had a larger place so we could have had more, as it was we had 13 people in our little apartment. No celebration is complete without a birthday cake. This years was "affectionately" named the Volcano. By the time we sang a almost perfect section of the top layer had completely slid off!
Monday, my birthday, I got to sleep in! Then Roderick and I enjoyed a yummy lunch at Sonoma Wine Bar and Bistro. (We had purchased a $50 gift certificate for $25 through Groupon awhile earlier.) Then we enjoyed watching Toy Story 3 at MacArthur Center. Thankfully Roderick thought to look at the Entertainment book before we walked in and we found a coupon for a free movie on your birthday and a another for $7 ticket. I can't believe I didn't think of looking for a coupon, but I'm really glad Roderick did. That was probably the least expensive visit to a theater we've ever made. (Other than the Cinema Cafe'.)
That evening we got to enjoy the wonderful surprise my husband had gotten me, a Wii! Definitely was not expecting that, but we had a blast already with it. I LOVE it! As I was looking through my other gifts I noticed a couple of themes....lime, polka dots, and kitchen gadgets. It's so funny to me how birthdays seem to have themes!

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  1. and scarfs.... where's my scarf in all the pictures????? ;)


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