Friday, September 12, 2008

Special Someone's Birthday Today

I just wanted to write a short blog in honor of my wonderful husband. Today is his birthday! I am so thankful for the 25 years the Lord has given him. His love for the Lord truly amazes and encourages me. His selfless love for me over the past year of marriage completely astonishes me. He is SO good to me. I've been so thankful to enjoy the last 13 months with him and can't wait to spend many more, Lord willing. I feel so blessed to be secure in the love of my husband!
Happy Birthday, Baby!!


  1. Happy Birthday Rod...Hope you were able to enjoy Arnold Palmer and a Red Baron!!!!

    Tim and Kristen

  2. Happy birthday, Roderick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope you had a fun celebration. (You still are-- All weekend, right?!)
    Thanks for being so good to our sweetie!

    Love, Dad And Mom B

  3. Happy belated birthday, Rod.

    Laura, it was fun to catch up with your blog. I loved your comment on ours because all our pictures which just can't capture everything we want mean more to you because you've been here. A still shot says a lot more to someone who has seen it "live."


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