Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving and Pajama Jam

We spent Thanksgiving with Ulys and Melody's family on both sides. We are so blessed to have friends and their families that take us in as "family" since our families are so far away. It definitely makes the holidays easier. (We LOVE their families, BUT we are very glad to be going to COLORADO for Christmas!!! )
Here's a list of some of the fun things we got to do:
(Warning we were able to do ALOT! Pull up a chair and some hot chocolate!)
1) Eat deep fried turkey for the first time. Ulys injected it with a concoction of Dr. Pepper and Worchestire sauce. I've never heard of such a concoction, but believe me that turkey was good!
2) Stuff ourselves with wonderful southern cooking mad by Melody, her mom (Nelda), and her mother-in-law (Martha).
3) Rested to try to rid my body of a nasty cold.
4) Watched a couple of deer frolicking in the field in front of their house. We all watched for quite awhile as the younger deer sprinted from one end of the field to the other over and over again.
5) Relaxed/Slept in hopes to be awake and feeling good enough to go to Pajama Jam at the Williamsburg outlets from midnight to 6am!
6) Listen to Ulys and his Dad (Ulys Quay) play some Appalachian music.
7) Watched Granny (92 years old) dance and sing along!
8)Played Imaginiff.
9)Wore PJs to the outlet mall in hope to be on of the first 500 shoppers. (We were not, see 11, 12 and 13!)
10)Drove the hour drive to Willimasburg without any trouble till we got within 10-20 minutes from the outlet mall.
11) Since the traffic wasn't moving at all drove through the median to find a new route to the mall.
10) Found another route that was backed up as well, but at least moving.
11) Sat in traffic for an hour and a half!
12) Shopped till we literally dropped 2am t0 noon! But we found some really good deals.
13) Ate a wonderful "breakfast" at IHOP. Food has never tasted so good and it was WONDERFUL to finally sit down for awhile.
14) Felt weird as we headed to Walmart to get some of their deals while I was still in PJs. ( It was 1 in the afternoon!)
15) Headed home for some much need rest.
16) Headed to Target to check out their deals with girls after dinner.
17) Had the best Starbuck Peppermint hot chocolate ever. It even had peppermint flavored whip cream!
18) All of us watched a movie together.
19) Slept long and hard!


  1. Sweet jamers!! You look very comfy and Rod looks like he really likes his chicken or turkey or whatever that is. Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving!

  2. sounds like a great time...enjoyed the pictures!


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