Friday, January 30, 2009

A little note after a long hiatius

Well, its been a long break. Not exactly sure where the time has gone. I can't believe it's February already. I just got all the Christmas stuff down this week. (Can you believe it! I am SO behind!!! But at least the house is clean. = ))
I'm really excited for Valentine's Day this year. I can't wait to show a little love to my kids at school. Been thinking of some fun things...hopefully I'll actually finish them. I have finished a little Valentine project for our front door. I got the idea from my new blog friend Jess and tweaked it a little.
I'm planning on being a little more faithful in blogging in the coming weeks and months. I still have those pictures from Christmas waiting to be uploaded. Not tonight though my husband and I have a date watching Anne of Green Gables tonight. We started the series last weekend and he's been dieing to watch the next 2 hour video. Yes, I did say HE... I love that my husband loves MY movies. (And I love to introduce him to the classics for the first time and see his reaction!)


  1. I love "Anne of Green Gables!" It's my all time favorite movie! In fact, I was just telling Tim last night that it was about time that we watch it again:)

  2. Hey Laura! Glad to see a post - great little wreath!

  3. A NEW POST!!! I look to see if you have new ones every day (well...almost every day) :)

    You inspired us to dust off our "Anne of Green Gables" DVD. We watched it over the weekend. You know that's your dad's favorite movie, too. Right? You must have made a good choice in picking Roderick-
    (of course, I always knew you did!!!) : )

    Love your little ribbon wreath, might have to make one of our front door.

    Loads of love,

  4. You are sooooo lucky that your hubby likes Anne of Green Gables!!!
    And I'm loving your sweet little wreath!!
    Thanks so much for all your sweet comments and most of all your are so appreciated!!
    Have a happy day!

  5. Hi Laura!
    I have 2 cottage magnets has a pink polka dotted roof that says 'my home' and one has a brown polka dotted roof that says 'sweet'. If you'd like me to list either of those for you just let me know. :)
    Thanks so much!


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