Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our Unforgetable Christmas Vacation

I'd love to say our Christmas was wonderful. Well, it was BUT.... We did experience several things that have caused us to reflect on many things, especially the Lord's goodness. 1)Enjoyed several days of pure relaxation. i.e. We didn't do ANYTHING. As I mentioned in the last post, the night/early morning of the day after Christmas Roderick came down with what we thought was altitude sickness. We headed down the icy, dark, cold (1 degree) mountain at a snails pace hoping to not upset my poor hubby's stomach more than it already was. Thankfully we only had to stop once, praise the Lord. Imagine "letting it all out" on the side of the road in a short sleeved t-shirt, PJ pants, and house slippers (no socks)...Oh, and did I mention it was 1 degree out and VERY windy with lots of snow on the ground. Hence, why I said my poor husband. The next day we were able to relax a whole bunch. That's what vacation is all about right! I'm so thankful the Lord allowed us to find, through the help of a friend, Pedialyte Popsicles. Roderick couldn't eat much or even drink much but he sure did enjoy his popsicles. Long story short, it took a week for him to be eating solid foods and 2 weeks later he's stilling trying to get back to 100%! 2) Rejoiced with the Gunderson's on the birth of healthy twins. I mentioned our friend's "surprise twins" in the last post. What I didn't know was the ordeal they went through to get into the world. Suffice it to say the hand of the Lord was amazingly evident even to the point of slowing labor as they drove speedily (95 mph in an Astro van!) to the hospital. If you ever want an amazing story, there's definitely one! There were several different circumstances that could have caused us to lose all three, but we are so thankful the Lord didn't allow that to happen. (They have 5 other children!) The doctor's were pretty certain they'd need to do a blood transfusion, but the Lord allowed her blood counts to return to normal before they sent her home three days later. It's such a comfort to know that our God is COMPLETELY in control! 3) Morned with Roderick's best friend, Adam, and his family. While we were in Colorado we learned the sad news that Adam's Dad fell on the ice while ice fishing and hit his head fatally the Saturday after Christmas. Adam was with his dad and was able to assist the paramedics in getting him to the hospital. Unfortunately, he went home to be with the Lord on Sunday. He was healthy and in his early 50's.What a reminder that we never know when our last day may be. Again, what a joy and comfort to know that Christ is COMPLETELY in control. It was a blessing to be in Colorado and be able to be with the family during this time. What an encouragement to see them grieving and rejoicing at the same time. Saying that were it not for the prayers of many around the world they would be in the same spiritual state, comforted and rejoicing in their Savior! Please pray for the Hirt family as they have a celebration service for Jim this Saturday. 4)Thanked the Lord for meals cooked for us! The Tuesday after Christmas I decided or rather my body decided to get sick as well. I guess Roderick didn't really have altitude sickness after all, but a good ol' case of the flu. (His brother got sick on Monday.) So I spent New Year's Eve laying in bed...being served by my wonderful husband, sisters and mom. I was able to play a game of Phase 10 from a recliner and bring in the new year with celebration poppers. The next day I felt somewhat better and was able to celebrate Christmas with Roderick's Dad and brother. BUT, as we've found to be the nature of this flu, I was back in bed the next day with aches and pains and an unhappy stomach. Unfortunately, for my parents neither Roderick nor I got to enjoy the wonderful meals they had planned. No steak please, I'd like some jello with a side of chicken noodle! 5) Misplaced our brand new camera! Somewhere between my parent's house and the Gunderson's is a nice plum camera. Hopefully, not on the road between thier houses. I guess I wasn't thinking very well the night before I came down with the flu or our camera was just too small and light.We've looked everywhere and are still hopeful it will show up SOON! Thankfully I was so camera happy I had to download some of the pictures so we still have those. But. all of those darling pictures of the twins and their siblings...yep still on the lost camera! The camera is still on sale, actually at an even better price, but I can't buy it again, can I? Maybe we'll get another bonus soon?!?!? I'm still hopeful it will be returned. In the meantime there may be a tad fewer pictures on the blog posts! Even in this the Lord has taught me a lot. When my husband said to the Gunderson's "That's okay if we don't find it. In the end its only a camera." I thought, "NO, it's not okay. I loved that camera and I love pictures." But I had a whole day of laying in bed wrestling with my materialistic thoughts. Really I am a very materialist girl and he's right it is only a camera...that I'd really only had for a week. (How attatched can you get in a week? I guess TOO attached.) So, although I'd still really like to find it again, life really isn't going to stop if I don't have a camera. I still have my memories, life, the family and friends in the pictures, and most importantly MY SAVIOR! 6)Rejoiced that Roderick is a very organized man. With me not feeling well, my dear husband had to pack all our bags. He made sure to wash most of the clothes before he packed the bags so we didn't have to worry about that when we got home. I've been amazed as I've unpacked how well he packed! He may have a new job from now on. 7) Thanked the Lord for safety in all our travels. Anyone hear about the plane that went off the runway at DIA the Saturday before Christmas. Need I say more... 8) Rejoiced that after 2 weeks of feeling ill we are Both on the road to recovery. This flu has really got us both down. Since we've been home I've slept, slept, gone to work, and slept some more. Yeah, I probably shouldn't have gone to work, but I knew it'd be really hard to get a replacement after the holidays AND I'd had it for over a week. Surely I wasn't still contagious. Yesterday we both took off work and relaxed/slept/read all day. Today, I feel like I may just be on the upward climb towards recovery! Yeah! I guess I'll stop at 8. Boy, this post sure is getting long! I think I'll wait to post another post with the pictures that I do have. Can you believe all that happened on a 10 day vacation? So, how was your Christmas? I sure hope it wasn't as eventful as ours! We are, however, very grateful to the Lord for teaching us so much during our vacation. ...For I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. Phil 4:11b


  1. Thanks for the post. I enjoyed reading it! you guys definitely had a much more interesting Christmas vacation...of course we did not really have a Christmas vacation as Tim worked the norm during the Christmas week. But we did have a wonderful Christmas still and got to be with my parents and grandparents! I am glad you are both feeling better now. Looking forward to the pictures! And sorry about the camera...I would be the same as you and Tim would be so much like Rod...I would probably be upset because I lost it, and Tim would say it is just a camera!

  2. I appreciated your perspective. As I was thinking about this upcoming year over the last weeks, I was thinking along the same lines that there will by times just like this when things don't turn out the way I had hoped; but (to put it mildly), it's okay.

    When I heard about Roderick's friend's dad, I also thought about my cousins who lost their mother in a car accident this last year (also in her 50s). This was their first Christmas without her. How wonderful that I don't have to live in fear that "this year it could be my parents." This year, I want to sharpen even more my view of God to be prepared for things that happen that I wouldn't have chosen.

  3. So sorry you were both sick :( Praying you feel 100% very soon.

  4. Laura, I'm sorry that you misplaced your camera! I know how much you love your pictures!! Hope you are feeling much better! Missed seeing you on Thursday night.

  5. Just catching up on our blogging...stopping by to say hello!
    kari & kijsa


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