Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy First Day of Spring

Spring is in the least on the trees and in the ground. We haven't had consistent spring weather yet, but we have had a couple of days that remind us what it's like. I love spring with all its colors and vibrancy! Isn't our Lord great to give us such a wide variety of seasons to enjoy!!
In honor of the first day of spring I did a little spring cleaning.... of my coupon holder. Melody and I started our evening by using coupons for a free buffet meals at CiCi's Pizza. Only spent $1.75 for a drink and left full and ready to begin a fun savings trip to the supermarket. Bloom had another triple coupon discount this weekend. (So soon...must be the economy! Sure is nice though!) I was able to land some pretty neat deals. The best deals of the day were a pack of Lipton tea for $0.02 and Dentyne gum for FREE. I spent about $11 on all these goodies. So fun!!!
For those of you that live in the area and don't already know, Farm Fresh is doubling coupons up to $1 all week. I hope to join in on that soon as well.
We ended our day with a FREE Italian Ice from Rita's, in honor of the first day of Spring, 2 minutes AFTER they closed...but they let us in anyway.


  1. A new post!!!!! What cool savings (especially the Italian Ice from Rita's... ha ha).
    It was fun to see the spring colors in VA. Ours are coming here in CO... Just not as quickly as yours. : ) On the first day of Spring, I did have my first daffodil bloom in my front yard and I spent some time in the back yard barefoot with the Granddaughters (4 and 2) singing with the birdies. (I'm sure the neighbors noticed the celebration).
    Love ya,

  2. WHAT?!?! Toaster strudels again?? I love those things. I also love free lunches!! Those are always a blessing! How was the Italian Ice? What's in the background of the Rita thing? Looks super cute! Those are also good photos of the blossoms. Did you take them? *LOVE* the first day of spring!!!

  3. Tiffany: Yes Toaster strudels again... especially when they are under a dollar! The Italian Ice was really good, better than I would have thought. The one I got was mango flavored, of course! Yes, I did take the pictures of the blossoms. I'm having fun with my camera. Although, my pictures still pale in comparision to yours!

  4. We LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Rita's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

    Guess where we were on the first day of Spring? ;-)

  5. Hey there!
    I have to tell ya, you've inspired me to start clipping coupons again! THANK YOU! I used to do it but quit just because I *didn't have time*...but now, I don't have MONEY(!) not to! Love all the deals you got. :)
    Happy Spring and Many Blessings!
    ps...just let me know if you are still interested in a cottage magnet. :)

  6. Great to see all the good deals you are getting!

  7. Oh, I don't know if the pictures pale in comparison. I don't take *that* good of pictures. I do like them. Mango flavored?? AWESOME!! I don't think I have ever had one like that. sweet!!


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