Saturday, February 21, 2009

To be or not to be... Frugal

I love a good deal. Always have, probably always will. I try to buy on sale and compare prices from place to place. I've even gotten a couple "free-after-rebate" deals from Rite Aid. I often clip coupons when I get them in the mail, but it hasn't really made a difference. I haven't found any real good deals that way, so lately I've been lazy. Just trying to save money other ways. A couple weeks ago one of my friends mentioned the savings she was getting by using coupons and the advice of a blog named Frugal in Virginia. (Thanks Kristen!) I decided to give "couponing" a try again. I bought a newspaper on Sunday...and there were NO coupons! What a disappointment. However, I tried not to let that deter me. I put Frugal in Virginia on my google reader and another site $5 dinners. Then I started looking on the Internet for coupons, using links from these two blogs and a couple of I'd heard of before. I found quite a few out there!
This weekend I even got to get in on a triple coupon event at Bloom! I was able to purchase all of this for under $30, with a savings of about $40! Not quite up to the deals my blog "friends" are finding, but at least it's a start. I figure if I can do something to help us save more, it's worth the effort. I'll let you know in a couple of weeks if I'm still continuing on my quest.


  1. I know! I was so disappointed when my paper didn't have any coupons in it either!! I went to Bloom's's so fun:) There's lots of info out there on being frugal...enjoy!!

  2. DUDE!!!! Toaster strudels!!! I love those things!! and I see you also have shampoo... very helpful, and the tooth paste. I'm sure that helps as well.And what's this I see in the very back..*squints* something betty crocker?? Yum!
    oh, and is that TP as well?!?! It wasn't quite covered all the those are the weirdest fruit loops I've seen... assuming they are fruit loops. Sweet! stuff!!!!

  3. Sweeeet, Laura! I have tried "couponing" also and have been lazy about it lately. I'm definitely going to check out the $5 dinner site :)

  4. That is awesome! Our paper did not have any coupons either last week. I looked through it twice thinking I missed them:( Oh well...I am still trying to find a place out here to do triple coupons! Loved the post...keep us updated how you continue to do on saving money...although I may get jealous:)

  5. Way to "pinch those pennies" or should I say quarters. : ) Good job working on being a Prov. 31 woman. : )

    Love, Mom

  6. Well, I took your lead and went to the store with my coupons. (No double coupons here):{
    I only had about 10 coupons -AND- I saved $10 on $60. It's a start.



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