Saturday, April 24, 2010

Adventure in Washington - Part 3

Our final destination before we headed home on Saturday was Georgetown. The town was beautiful.... But who can visit Georgetown without also visiting this place. Thanks Sarah for the good word. We probably would have never waited in this line if it hadn't been for your vote of approval!
After seeing the line Roderick wasn't so sure, but we decided to wait it out. He was a little less skeptical when he saw these beauties.
We had a red velvet cupcake (for my husband) and a cookies and cream (for me) boxed up since the store was so full. That gave us an extra speed to our step as we walked the 20 plus minutes back to the metro and rode it all the way back to Alexandria. As soon as we got to the car this occurred!For my husband surprisingly it was love at first bite. He couldn't get enough of it as you can see in the below picture. The skeptic was then planning when we could return for another visit!
Colorful candy shop in Georgetown.
We left DC about 5:30, made a quick stop at IKEA for a little shopping and a shared dinner...made a wrong turn that headed us back towards Washington D.C., took the very next 'exit' which ended up being an HOV lane without any exits for a very LONG time and were back where we took the wrong turn about a half hour later! We made one more wrong turn that ended up being near a Kroger so we did a little coupon shopping for the LaVictoria salsa I wasn't able to get here. We spent $9 on 4 bottles of LaVictoria, 10 cans of diced tomatoes, tuna (to donate! we are not fans!!!) and some apple juice. We didn't arrive home until after midnight Saturday night! Roderick was hungry so he downed a bunch of LaVictoria and we headed to bed....only to be woke up at 4 by a VERY sick husband! Yep the flu....(and no he has not eaten any more of the 4 jars of LaVictoria I purchased!) I came down with it a little later in the day, but I think that I had the start of it Friday and Saturday. My cupcake didn't quite taste as good as I'd expected and I feel queasy any time I see one now. Hopefully that will change soon because I really want to try a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting from Georgetown! We are so thankful we made it home before the throwing up began!! And we got another day added to our little vacation.... a sick day on Monday!


  1. Wow - this looks like a ton of fun!!! I'm so glad you guys got to go! This has been one of our favorite places to visit while living here.

  2. Laura, that looks like such a fun trip. The pictures were great as well. Tim and I really need to plan a getaway trip sometime....these just look like so much fun! Glad you could get away as I am sure you needed a little break with Rod in seminary!

  3. all of your pictures of the cherry blossoms are so pretty! and the pictures of GC, oh my, how I miss that place!

    so good to catch up with you the other day! ;-)

  4. Looks like you had a WONDERFUL time! DC is so beautiful in the spring! You captured it beautifully. Did you venture to National harbor? It's definitely one stop to add to your next trip! Glad you two could get away...and I am so glad you splurged on the movie!!


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