Monday, May 10, 2010

Ever heard of Groupon?

Groupon features one great deal every week day for approximately 50 cities around the US. (Denver, Charlotte, Portland, Jacksonville, Washington D.C, and New York City to name a few.) Typically the deal is 50% or more off of a restaurant, store, activity, etc. Deals are e-mailed every day and you choose whether or not to participate in that deal. You only get it if enough people choose to join in that day, otherwise your credit card is not charged. Its great if you are going on vacation to an area as well. The groupons are usually good for several months to a year. Lately they have been having great deals in our area. Friday it was a $50 Sonoma gift certificate for $25. (Somona is a REALLY nice Ruth Chris type restaurant in our area.) Today's deal is even better though $30 worth of dry cleaning at Zoots for $9 a 70% discount. You can do the deal up to 5 times. So you could potentially have $150 worth of dry cleaning for $45. Each $30 gift certificate must be used at one time. However, they can be combined, they are good at all Hampton Roads locations, and are good for 1 year.
Now I'm off to comfort a little 4 month old sweety that has the hiccups and is getting tired of them!

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