Saturday, June 5, 2010

Milking the Birthday Blessings

I have a birthday approaching at the end of the month. I know getting older is a fact of life. (And as some say "better than the alternative" although heaven is better in my oppinion!) However, for some reason this one is making me feel really old. Maybe it's because it will be my last year in the 20's or maybe its the age my mom's been for a long time! (She's turned 29 for as many birthdays as I can remember. = ) ) So instead of feeling old I've decided to milk my birthday for all its worth. AND how else would I milk it, but with birthday Freebies. Boy are there a lot of them!! Here's some of the things I hope to enjoy this month:

* Free Starbucks!

* Free burger from Red Robin

* Free ice cream at Baskin Robins and Cold Stone

* Free Krispy Cream Doughnut

* Plus a whole bunch more!!

If you have a birthday coming up, check out this list over at the Frugal Girls. Seriously there are over 40 different birthday freebies her list!

Speakin' of Birthday's, I wanted to wish my mother-in-law a Happy Birthday today. Too bad we can't be there to celebrate! I wonder if you can still get in on some of these deals since it is during your "birth month."

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  1. It's OK, Laura, we can be the same age from now on!!!
    Love you,


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