Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pretty Projects

I've been busy painting lately. There are all these projects that have been waiting to be done and with the long weekend I decided it was high time I do them. After almost 3 years of marriage my husband has finally started to let me know what he likes and doesn't like as far as decor in our house. (Which I LOVE!) Last fall as I was cooking he informed me he'd like to see less "deep green" (forest green) and more of "this green" (which happened to be lime green.) I loved the idea since I was really loving lime green at the time as well. Add in a few polka dots and I'm in love with the new look! A lime green and plum kitchen with a few grapes and polka dots thrown in. Over the past few months a few of our items have found their way into the garage sale pile and have been replaced with some lovely lime green and polka dots. I love how its turning out. Thanks Rod for the great inspiration!
I wasn't originally planning on painting a new picture for here. However, when I painted this lovely chalk board,which a friend let me have out of her yard sale pile, we both decided the styles just didn't match. (Sorry, Jenni.)Actually my husbands words were, "The chalk board is Sara Mincy style and just doesn't go with the other picture. I like the Sara Mincy style more!" I'm really glad he likes her style because he is seeing more and more of that style popping up around the house.
I'll post the whole kitchen after I finish one more project. That happens to include these beauties I got last weekend for a $1 at a yard sale (for 6 of them actually, one is missing from the picture), some glue, and some fabric I've had around since November. I'm really hoping they turn out like I imagine them and I'm not taking on too big of a project.
Too many projects are calling me name. I'm off to finish a painting for the bathroom now. . . Wish the house would clean itself and the laundry would wash and fold itself so I could have fun with these projects non-stop!!


  1. Love the chalkboard :) :) Keep up the good work!

  2. you look busy!
    i was fluttering around here this morning working on projects too;-)
    aren't chalkboard projects just the best?!

  3. So cute!!! I have always loved that Rob likes to have a say and help me out with house project ideas too! I look forward to the finished if I can just get on the ball with my projects!


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