Thursday, January 27, 2011

Laundry Redo {January's Project}

Our laundry is more of a hallway than a room. I've always covered it with a shower curtain to hide the "mess." Yes it was organized with clear baskets and it even had things hung up on the wall, but it definitely didn't make me happy. Now it makes me very happy and I have yet to close the curtain, because I want to see it!

Here's the only before picture I could find....
 blurry and only a partial picture from almost 4 years ago when we first moved in. I guess I was too embarrassed to take the full view picture.

Here it is now!

 Most of the fabric was purchased several months ago for another project, but I just had to use it in here. I think there is still enough to complete the project it was meant for as well. We'll see when I actually get around to doing it. I was also able to use several fabrics in my "prize stash" from Jonquils and Ladybugs! Love it when things work out like that!

The Embroidery hoops were definitely inspired by Sara at one of my favorite blogs Sara's Art House.

This hoop was inspired by something I found on etsy, which I can no longer find so it must have sold. Loved and remembered it even though it'd been months and tried to duplicate it! They had sewn on the pennants, but I was too lazy to get out the sewing machine, so I glued them on instead.

The fabric wreath is inspired by Sara's Art House again. Such an inspirational blog!

First painting of the year. Complete with a fabric flower that was inspired by...yep Sara again!

I also created a fabric bunting using fabric, rope and this wonderful "paint on" tacky glue I found. Perfect solution for this project and several others in this room!
One of my final projects was to cover this box with fabric again using that wonderful tacky glue in a jar. I loved the box, but it just didn't go with the colors any more. Add fabric and tada, perfect match to my theme and a great hiding place for the butter knives we use to open the lent trap. {We love the washer and dryer we were given even if they do have dents, are missing knobs and have a broken lent trap. They still do the job well and the price was ideal. FREE! We keep wondering when they will give out, but they worked well for almost 4 years now.}

Only problem is the shower curtain "cover" definitely no longer fits the theme. I've thought of taking it down since I love looking at the new decor, but there might be a time when I still want to use it so its staying for now. At least when it pulled closed it matches the rest of the kitchen.

The whole project cost less than $20! I used coupons on several of the items including the rope, that wonderful tacky glue, the styrofoam for the fabric wreath and the embroidery hoops. Plus a lot of it was stuff we already had. Most of the money was spent on the basket. Could have been cheaper though... right after I purchased the baskets I found this very inspirational blog Make it and Love it with these lovely boxes made out of cardboard.

I totally would have made these had I not already bought the others. I am loving this blog and I have a feeling you will see some of her projects in the coming months. LOVE, LOVE her style... spent a good couple of hours browsing her blog the other day and didn't even hit all the fun projects! Love all the sewing projects. I really need to stop being lazy and get it out!! Better add that to my 2011 goals! Even though I didn't actually do any of her projects, I'd have to say that the Make it and Love it blog was definitely inspirational in this redo!

Now I'm off to take care of my poor husband who has come down with a nasty flu. At least I'll be able to wash away all the germs in my happy "room."


  1. I so love decorating on a shoe string. It just brings out that creative nature and I love it when it turns out better than the expensive stuff.
    You did a great job. I'm inspired :)

  2. LOVE it, love it, love it!!!!!!!!!! What an awesome transformation!!!! I will have to post these pics on my blog (if you don't mind)

  3. You go girl!! I recently did a little redo on my laundry room too because I spend SO much time in there :) It's nice to smile when I walk in instead of frown.

    LOVING those embroidery love love!

  4. Sara - I'd be honored. I love everything on your blog. I don't know why but it means a ton to me that you like it!! Thanks again for the inspiration!

  5. Love the embroidery hoops, I too have been wanting to do that some where in my house. I really LOVE the mini banners you did in the one hoop, that is awesome! Glad you were able to incorporate some of my scraps into the project :)

  6. Looks great! It almost makes me want to do laundry :)

  7. I'm certain you'll find a way to make a laundry room "cover." Great job, Lola!

  8. I am inspired!! Can't wait to visit those blogs, too! Lovely job :)

  9. Fabulous ...i am so thrilled by look at your wonderful work..:)would love if you stop by at my blog

  10. I love the red and aqua. Reminds me of my current favorite fabric line.... Bliss by Moda.


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