Friday, March 11, 2011

February Goals Update

Well, we are a couple of weeks into March and I decided it was high time I gave an update on my goals for the new year. I've been sticking to most of them, but there are definitely a couple that need improvement.

*Menu Plan- I have had a menu plan every week, but this one. Don't want to fall off the bandwagon, so I need to persevere. It truly does make cooking so much easier. Been doing quite a few new meals, but also find myself getting in a rut again. How does this happen so quickly? The next couple of weeks my mom is in town so I'll have help in the kitchen!

* I did my first attempt at freezer cooking and it was quite nice. Didn't go much because we don't have much space, but it was so nice to through a burrito in the husband when I was told for the umpteenth time "I'm hungry, anything to eat?" Made these two recipes brown bag burritos and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. {I didn't use the glaze on the muffins and they were still plenty sweet and absolutely delicious!} Both of these were definite winners around here and will be made again soon! They all all gone now! I also made up a batch of m & m cookies form them into balls and froze them on cookie sheets for a couple hours before throwing them in freezer bags. SO nice to have a few cookie balls to through in the oven when I bring needed a dessert somewhere or just wanted a snack.
*Couponing- Last month was probably one of my best as far as couponing. According to my nifty spreadsheet I saved $431 with coupons - not sales, just coupons!! Saving percentage was at 77%! Totally makes it worth all the time and effort when I see how much more food we can bring in the house.

* Every room has now been gone through! Feels so nice to be organized again. Most of the items are already priced and ready to be sold on April 2nd. (If you are in the area let me know if you want to join in. We usually have 10 - 12 families and its a great day of selling "junk"!) I did pretty well until I hit the closet...must have overdone it as I've been having a recurrence of symptoms. =( So this week I've been laying low, BUT I've been laying low in a clean house!

                        Before                                                                   After
Will be even better when all the garage sale stuff is out of there! Amazing how a little organizing causes everything to fit SO much better!
 I heart organization! (And having fully stocked gift closet. So nice to "shop" the supply I've gotten through out the year when a friend gets married or has a baby!) The next post will probably be on one of the organizational projects I did for the hobby room.

*Didn't really get to any of my "crafts" this month. Hope to do a bunch of that while my parents are visiting for the next couple of weeks!

*We are now at 38% of our goal for New York! Ahead of schedule so far, but my bigger money making things have already been done so it will be probably slower in the next couple of months. Would still LOVE suggestions for what to do in New York. Got some great ones with my last request. I'm particularly interested in restaurant suggestions. I keep seeing deals pop up, but I have no idea if its a good restaurant. We like pretty much anything.

*Again not too great. I'm about half-way through two books. One of them I started the first two chapters last year and the other I'm doing for a bible study. VERY pathetic!

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  1. About restaurants in NY....I'd suggest asking locals once you get there. The locals know everything when it comes to great places to eat. Plus you get a chance to meet new people when you stop them randomly on the sidewalk!

    I love reading your blogs. I also need to make a menu plan for the would really help me when I'm shopping. The WalMart is about 25 minutes away, and I'd save more if I didn't have to shop at our local store (which is a bit more expensive but closer).

    And I'm serious when I say that I hope you take many pictures and plan to blog about your parents' visit. Seriously Lola, if you don't....I'll come right on over there and give you the "what for." =)


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