Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beach Project #1

Remember this?
Did you guess that it was money pouch? Probably not. My Dad's response when I showed it to him was to laugh. He thought I'd made a mini-skirt. Guess he doesn't know me very well. I've never worn a mini-skirt. Plus if it was a mini-skirt would be pretty airy! 

This is the project I had in mind when I first bought the fabric. The laundry room re-do was only an afterthought. Thankfully there was still plenty left.

I'm always wanting a way to carry money with me when I do a craft show or garage sale. This is my solution. I'd say it looks much better than the ones you find at Home Depot! It will get its first use this weekend at the garage sale. Hopefully it meets my expectations!

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