Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend Roderick and I had a fun time with friends and each other. It was a very relaxing, but full weekend. I was only able to take one picture, as I forgot the camera for every other event! = ( I think I need to invest in a camera that can fit in a pocket or purse. I love pictures and hate not having a camera when there's a fun event! Oh well! We tried to figure out how many different things we could fit into the time. Here's a list of some of the things we did:

40 Things we did this weekend

1) Found some neat finds at a couple of garage sales with Melody - Laura

2) Watched a parade with Ulys and Melody

3) Picked Strawberries from a strawberry patch for the first time

4)Attended the Strawberries Festival with Ulys and Melody

5) Looked at lots of Military equipment

6) Tried on military ammo vest and hat - Roderick (Wish I had a camera for this one! = ( )

7) Petted some very soft sheep

8) Watched pigs being judged for 4H

9) Felt the weight of honey still in the honeycomb - it was amazingly heavy

10)Watched some cloggers

11) Ate some East coast barbecue

12)Watched military dogs in action

13) Became strawberries (Ie. We got very sunburned! )

14)Looked at some neat big houses

15) Went to the Chesapeake Library for the first time

16) Saw the new place Melody and Ulys are hoping to rent

17) Started Mansfield Park - a 5 hour DVD from the Library

18) Made some brownies with fresh strawberries on top - Yum!

19) Attended a Fundamentals of the Faith class - Sunday School

20) Sang Praises to the Lord

21) Listened to an excellent sermon by Pastor Dan

22) Ate great food at the church picnic

23) Played some Frisbee - Roderick

24) Played Minnesota Softball - Roderick

25) Had our car washed by Sam and Sarah - it was a "Christmas gift of service"

26) Finished Mansfield Park

27) Babysat the Davies kids - they slept the entire time

28) Watched the movie Persuasion - Roderick said it was the best movie ever (Jane Austen movie that is) - Laura slept through some of it ( it was 2 in the morning! )

29) Slept in

30) Went to Norfolk

31) Walked around downtown looking at old colonial houses for an hour or two

32) Toured the Battleship Wisconsin

33) Ate pizza at the mall

34)"Ran into" the Varner clan at the mall

35) Took a nap

36) Started working on painting the desk for the "hobby room" - Laura

37) Studied for summer school class in the morning - Roderick

38) Ate a late dinner on our porch by candle light

39) Studied and painted some more

40) Went to sleep!!!


  1. Wow- you guys were busy! Sounds like a lot of fun- and a good post :)

  2. You guys were super busy!! Glad you had a great weekend and it was fun to run into you at the mall!!! I wish we had more 3 day weekends with our husbands!! Great post!!

  3. WHEW!!! I think I'm ready for bed after reading this one! :-)


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