Friday, May 30, 2008

Tiffany's Graduation

My youngest sister, Tiffany, graduated from Brockmann homeschool on May 16th. She is the last of my siblings to graduate from high school and the only one to go completely through from K-12th grade. (They didn't start homeschooling untill I was in the 8th grade!) Roderick and I were able to go to Colorado for a fast and furious trip! Again, I didn't get many pictures of my own. So, I was waiting for some to be sent to me before I made a blog of the event. I finally got some pictures yesterday so now I'm blogging again. (That and the fact that my family says they have been checking often and were "disappointed" I hadn't blogged! Now I'm trying to make up for it.)

Each one of us kids had to organize and plan our own graduation as a final exam. (Which included creating a budget and getting it approved by Dad!!!) It was a lot of work, but I've found the skills very useful. I know for me I was so happy to see all my plans turn out. Tiffany's graduation was very bright with neon colors everywhere. She did a great job planning and the graduation turned out perfect! Everyone especially loved the reception with not only cake, but also pizza bites and puppy chow!
It's a tradition for each family member to give the graduate a small rememberance. We all gave her a charm braclet with a special charm from each one of us. Here Jennifer is presenting her charm to Tiffany.
Three brave young men wore pink in order to cordinate with her colors!

My younger sister's having fun with the "decorations" as we were cleaning up!

My Handsome husband and I


  1. Looks like so much fun. Glad you could go back to the way, I did not take your comment wrong on my blog. I tend to think the same thing in fact so it was funny that you should think it as well. You are right, whatever the baby is, the baby will be very cute and so much fun. We can't wait!!!

  2. Awesome blog... if I do say so myself :)... gotta love the colors!!

  3. Good job again!! It was a fun time wasn't it?! : ) I'm so glad Roderick was able to join in on the fun. It would't have been the same without him. Thanks for the sacrifice, dear son-in-law.

    Mom B


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