Thursday, July 10, 2008

Birthday Continued

The birthday fun continued on Sunday as well. After the evening service we decided to have a combined birthday party for Ulys (his birthday is June 26th) and I.
We had several couples over and had a blast playing games, eating Red Barron pizza, talking, eating cupcakes/ice cream cake... I even used binary numbering for candles. (11011, Thanks Dad for teaching it to me...but no one else knew what that meant!)
We were probably a little too noisy as we played Apples to Apples until midnight... but at least none of the neighbors complained. Here's a few pictures of our very fun night. I am so thankful for the wonderful friends the Lord has allowed us to make here in VA!!!


  1. I am so glad that we could celebrate your birthday with you. It is so much fun hanging out with friends. Thanks for having us over...and I am glad that you had a great birthday!!

  2. Cute Cake!! I love the writing on the cookie sheet. Glad the birthday fun was prolonged!!

  3. oh dear! I missed your actual birthday. . .but Happy Birthday a little late! ;)

    You'll have to explain the number thing to me--I don't get it--but it sounds interesting!


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