Monday, July 7, 2008

Birthday Fun

My dear, sweet husband gave me a full day of fun for my birthday! In the midst of summer school I know that was a challenge. We started out the day with breakfast at Chick-fil-A. (We had a coupon!) Then I got a pedicure and manicure... that lasted 3 hours! Which on a normal day I probably would have been absolutely tickled with... though that meant I got 1 1/2 hours less time with my hubby! = ( This was followed by a shared lunch at Tropical Smoothie Cafe completed with a Mango Moxie smoothie! (Another coupon, of course!) Then I got to do a little shopping with some "birthday money" he gave me. Which I used up mostly at Walmart and Target... I guess I even want my birthday money to stretch as far as possible! Plus that's where I normally shop and I'd already found a couple of things I was hoping to get! = ) Then off to get dressed up for a nice dinner! My husband loves food and I gladly join him in this passion. We usually eat at low budget places, but on birthdays and anniversaries we've decided to treat ourselves. Todd Jurich's Bistro, being the only 4 star restaurant in the Hampton Roads area, fit the bill. The food was terrific! Roderick, of course, got his favorite again, Rack of Lamb, and I got a New York Strip Steak. Delicious to say the least! Overall it was a wonderful day. Thanks Roderick for making my 27th birthday very memorable!
Unfortunately Roderick was the only "family" I was able to be with on my birthday. However, thanks to everyone else for the packages, gifts, cards, and most of all the SONGS! I sure got a lot of different versions of Happy Birthday this year and I loved everyone of them!!!


  1. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! This is your mommy and she's so happy to have you!!

    So glad you had a good time on your day. GOOD JOB, RODERICK!! : )
    Wish we could have been there. Don't forget how wonderful Colorado is!!! It's a great place to live. : ) : )

  2. Happy Birthday! WOW! You had a great day! Your husband gets an A+ for his efforts!!!!

    And I agree, I would head to Target too with B-day $$$ :)

  3. YADHTRIB YPPAH!!!! Which is happy birthday backwards. I thought I would help with the many birthday songs/grettings you've gotten. Thankx for the posts... gotta love 'em!! Cute hair too. I haven't seen anymore since the cut so it was fun to see it at different times. Looks cute with the purple dress!!

  4. Glad you enjoyed your birthday!!! Glad you and Rod could spend the day together!! Even with the long pedicure/manicure!!

  5. That sure does sound like the perfect birthday!! But for the boys, just swap the pedicure/manicure for a trip to the Apple Store! Sweeeeet. ;-)


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