Monday, July 7, 2008

Little Things Make Me Happy

The name of my friend Bethany's blog is certainly applicable to me today.... Little Things Make Me Happy. Especially a little flower bud... a hydrangea flower bud at that. For Valentine's day Roderick got me a gorgeous purple hydrangea bush. I was afraid it had died because I had to keep it inside so long. As soon as I felt it was warm enough I put it out on the porch and it started to get some green life back. SO I've been watering and babying it in hopes I'd still get flowers next year. (I was thinking that was doubtful as I really have no place to actually plant it.) However, today my day was brightened by the sight a tiny bud with the beginnings of purple tint. I may just have a fully bloomed purple hydrangea for our first anniversary! Now that's a reason to be happy!!!
By the way does anyone know how to winter a potted hydragea bush. At least it doesn't get too cold in VA!


  1. I always say that life without LDL (low delight level) isn't any fun at all!!!!!!

    suffering from ldl
    Ti-Ti - a monkey

  2. WOW! you've inspired me.... i'm going to get busy right now and figure out how to do this. you did an OUTSTANDING job! love ya, b


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