Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Spirit Week

When I went to post on our election day, I realised I forgot to post these crazy pictures! A couple of weeks ago it was spirit week at my school. Even though I'm not there all day I decided to dress up. I thought the kids would enjoy it....PLUS I got to wear jeans every day if we had "at least 2 spirit items on." Not sure what the thrill is with jean, but I DID want to wear them. As you can tell in the following pictures, I arranged all my outfits around the wearing of jeans!
Monday- Sports Day

Go Ram's...our Alma Mater CSU's mascot.

Tuesday- Mad Scientist Day

On a side note: Notice all of the paraphernalia attached to me. I decided to take my old organic chemistry model kit out of the garage sale pile and add it to my outfit...because it fit the theme! One of my students LOVED it and when he heard it was in my garage sale pile he wanted it. About a week later, after I made completely sure his parents were okay with it, I sold it to him for a GREAT price. I guess I should have "accessorized" with more of my garage sale junk!

Wednesday- Dress from the Decades

I attempted the 50's

Thursday- Tacky Tourist Day

A Colorado Tourist... It was pretty cold that day. I was very happy for the gloves when we took the kids outside. Yes, it does sometimes get chilly here.

Friday - Gator day...or in other word School Spirit day

Special thanks to my wonderful husband who held a fashion show every day that week. He took all but the last photo. A couple of them right before we ran out the door, and later than he would have liked to be leaving! (HA HA... I am the perpetual late one around here!) Thanks for humoring me, Baby!


  1. those are great, Laura!!!! The mad scientist is definitely my favorite! :)

  2. Hey Laura - good to finally find some place I can catch up with you on - I pray for you often and think of you guys a lot! Ann Wright

  3. Great job dressing up!! looks like a fun week!

  4. SO Cute!!! And oh, yes the outfits are nice too!!! Good creativity!!! And you even made money (WOO HOO)!!
    Love, Mom

  5. Hey, that reminds me of college spirit week. But somehow I didn't look half as cute as u! :) I wish that we were allowed to wear pants if we had 2 items on. The best we got was jean skirts... not that i'm complaining... hey, were's the face paint??

  6. so fun! As I read this post and looked at your pics..I realized that I don't even own a pair of jeans these days! What a shame! But I often find myself wishing to climb into a comfy pair of the ol' blues!!!!
    On a side note...I always loved it when my teachers participated in spirit major props to you!!


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