Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Lost Has Been Found!

We got a call this week saying our lost camera has been found! It's in the mail and on its way home. We had replaced it with another since Circuit City was going under and they were offering it at a great price. (AND I love pictures too much to be without a camera for too long! ) Now Roderick gets a new camera as well. He is SO excited! Unfortunately they only had one color available. Good thing my husband is manly enough to admit he doesn't mind plum (purple)! Now to put some marking on them so we don't get confused.


  1. Yea, Laura! I'm so glad your camera showed up!!

  2. Glad the camera was found. I am the same way...gotta have the camera! (Plus I enjoy looking at your pictures!)

  3. DUDE!!!! that is amazing!!! So God did answer our prayers... just a little differently than we thought...


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