Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Husband - The Explorer

Roderick has been in the mood to explore lately. A couple of weekends ago he looked at a map of the hurricane evacuation route and decided to visit the places he'd never been. About 2 1/2 hours later we ended in Hopewell, had a shake, turned around and headed to his basketball game. However, had we not had the game jerseys in our car, I'm pretty confident we would have gone further!
The quote before this picture was a classic adventurer's quote...
"This is SO exciting! I love exploring..." Roderick Dunning
Last weekend, Roderick had a cold so he was planning on staying inside. It was a gorgeous day so I mentioned maybe he should go out to at least get some sun and fresh air. Around 2 in the afternoon we hopped in the car for a "little" drive. Well, we started driving and ended here.

We left with only an atlas, a bible, a Hebrew grammar book, and the clothes on our backs. BUT what a fun adventure we had! (We did stop to get a few necessities! I've already put a small "necessities bag" in the car just in case my adventure-struck husband decides to go on another fun adventure spontaneously!) Neither of us had ever been to New York City and we loved exploring the city. We stayed in a hotel in Newark, NJ for the night at a GREAT price and took the NJ Transit into NYC. (Thanks Dad for finding us deals and directions online since we did NO planning beforehand! We only toured NYC for about 4 hours, but we walked a lot and saw a lot. Hope you enjoy the pictures!


  1. That is so funny your exploring adventures with your husband...Tell him he needs to explore out to Kansas!!!!! Maybe Wichita, KS!!! It sounds like so much fun to go to NYC...I have told Tim before that I really want him to take me there. I have never been there before!

  2. Good for you!!!! Wow- what fun and excitement!!!!

  3. That is so fun and spanteneous, Laura! I was wondering where you were last weekend! Looks like you had a great time on your first exploration of NYC!

  4. Wow! that's sooo cool!! Don't you just loving living so close to places that you have never seen?? Thanks for the pic for me... Tiffany & Co. Which I could be there for the next expedition to the unknown...

  5. I had to laugh at the title of this post because I'm constantly hearing about another explorer these days... Dora the Explorer. Anyway, maybe my mom/kid mind is why I couldn't believe you guys just took off and ended up in NYC without planning. Somewhere back in my memories I do recall that life without kids allows for those kind of things to turn out fun. What a good wife for being your husband's exploring partner -- of course this one was a super fun one!


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