Tuesday, December 8, 2009

These are calling my name....

I'm not sure why, but these M&M's are calling my name. I've eaten way too many of them. I'm usually not a huge fan of candy. It typically sits around my house for WAY too long uneaten. At one point about 2 weeks ago the container held 2 bags. I'd venture to say it holds about half of that now. I've eaten almost a bag worth! WOW!!
I thought the color of these little wonders would add to my decorations this year and be a nice touch for visitors. The fact that I could get a whole bag for $1 made them seem like the perfect choice for a candy dish. However, I think it's about time that I use them in monster cookies. That way I can give them away rather than eating the entire container myself! I want to try to avoid gaining the 9 lbs. Pastor Dan said the average American gains between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
What is wonderful treat is calling your name?

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  1. Are you sure??? It looks like there's still a lot of M&Ms in that jar. You know candy always goes fast here, especially if it's chocolate-{or at least it did when your brother, Mike came for lunch during the week}. ;) Yesterday, Naomi, Mike's little 4 year old, spend the day with Grandma. She asked where all my candy was. I try to give her a small bag of left-over Halloween sour skittles and she said it wasn't candy. She said, "Grandma, do you have any chocolate? I like chocolate." Like father like daughter.....And like Grandma. If it's going to call my name, there has to be some chocolate in it.


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