Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sunshine and Answered Prayer

Today was yard sale day. It was a little earlier than we usually do it, because life is too crazy in April. We've been watching the weather and praying since we scheduled it a month ago. This time of year the weather fluctuates 20 to 30 degrees from one day to the next. There's also quite a bit more chance of rain. reported different weather every day this week, but always a 30% chance of rain. Yesterday it predicted 40% chance of rain for the first two hours of the sale. Well.... they were wrong!! We did get some quick sprinkles around 7, but that's it. It was pretty chilly though for most of the sale, but we did get lots of sunshine! I actually only took off my coat to take this picture. It did get pretty warm while we loading up though. If it wasn't for the wind we probably would have stayed out there longer.

The Lord also answered our prayers about a large semi that kept parking and blocking the street view. It's been there off and on for months now (More on than off though), but we asked the Lord to have him not park there today. Guess what, we got there this morning no semi! It's the Lord good to answer even our smallest requests.

Overall we had a great turnout. Much better than I would have expected, especially since it was so cold. I only came home with one small bin of stuff. I also made more than my highest goal! Yeah for more money to put in the New York fund. I'd still love to one day sell it all...but I'm perfectly content with what I did sell.

Oh, and my money pouch worked wonderfully. I'm not sure how I ever had a sale without it! The hat my friend Kristen crocheted worked wonderfully as well. She's not quite finished with it as she's still going to add a flower, but I'm SO glad I had it today. I would have been pretty miserable without it!

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  1. Love your money pouch, hat, and sweater! Glad you experienced the Lord's graciousness this morning!


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