Friday, October 8, 2010

:100th post: Jewlery: Giveaway:

This is my 100th post! It's hard to believe. Thanks to those of you who are my faithful readers. I love hearing comments from you! I believe my most faithful follower is my mom. I'm not sure if you notice or not, but she  comments on almost every single post. (And I happen to know she checks the blog almost every single day too!!)
In honor of her faithfulness, I've chosen to use this post to show off some of my Mom's amazing artistic skills. She has many different talents, painting, decorating, sewing, crafting. In this post, however, I'll focus on her newly acquired skill of jewelery making. She began by creating jewelry for friends and family, but is now attempting to sell a few, rather quite a few. She's calling her little business, Feathered Nest Creations. (No, she does not have an etsy shop or a blog...yet that is. My sisters and I are trying to encourage her to do so.) I'll be attempting to sell some of her creations along with my paintings in November at the ladies conference.
Feathered Nest Creations was started in January when my Dad broke his leg in a freak accident taking down the Christmas lights. It was meant to be a quite small hobby my Mom could do as he recovered. Three surgeries, maybe even four I can't remember, and 10 months later he is still in the recovery stage. He is now cast free and walking on it, but its still a long road to complete healing. Actually, he is currently waiting to hear from the doctor if there is ANOTHER infection. Prayers would be greatly appreciated! His Aunt, my Great-Aunt, and a very dear sweet Christian lady went to be with the Lord yesterday after struggling with a bout of pneumonia. So knowing the results of that test will, I'm sure, greatly affect their travel decisions in the coming days. Okay, I digress....not sure why I mentioned all that, but we would all be very grateful for the prayers!

My sister...a budding photographer and good one at that (not that I'm biased or anything).... took these photos of Mom's work. Here's a few of my personal favorites....

So why do I show you these beautiful photos? Well, in honor of my this landmark post, my Mom has graciously allowed me to giveaway this gorgeous pair of earrings!
So how can you win it? Well, I'm going to make it easy... simply comment on this post telling me your favorite post or topic or something you'd like me to post about in the next 100 posts. Only one entry per person, but I'm fine with multiple comments if you'd like. = )

This giveaway will last one week. Next Friday, October 15th, I will pick the winner the "old-fashioned way," by writing down the names of all the entries and randomly choosing a winner.
Thanks to all of you for being readers! I hope you have a great weekend.

*Disclosure: My mom did offer to give away one of her earrings, but she had no idea I was going to brag on her talents in this way. She is not paying me to do this giveaway and all opinions are mine. = ) I love you, Mom!


  1. This is my favorite! I must say that I love your mom's jewelry...there's no end to her artistic talent! We miss ya'll, Dunnings....and your family, too.
    Danielle (NellDell)

  2. Beautiful jewelry!!!

    I love your creative posts! Keep it up:)

    Praying you get better really soon.

  3. I am a earring addict so pictures of earrings to drool over would make me keep coming back!

  4. wow... such amazing photography... haha just kidding. Awesome blog. But I don't want the earings.. Not that they aren't awesome, but well... I don't have pierced ears. That and the amazing tallent lives under the same roof as me and that DEFFINATELY has it's perks. :)

  5. I am already enjoying my earrings from Feathered Nest Creations (Thanks Mrs. Brockmann!) and I must say these earrings are beautiful too!

    As for my favorite post...I think it is the one where you cut your hair, or rather I cut your hair. Boy, that was a while ago, wasn't it? :-)

  6. wow, beautiful pictures and wonderful jewelry!
    I have me some talented family.


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