Thursday, October 7, 2010

Life is "Sweet"

No, this is not the post in which I tell you I am finally over mono...actually quite the opposite as I fear I've had another resurgence of the symptoms this week. However, it is the post in which I tell you God is good, life is great, and He's given me so many sweet blessings this week I can't help but post them.

Replacement sunshine flowers from a sweet friend

The resurgence of symptoms actually began last Friday after a very fitful night of sleep. So on Saturday I slept until 2! (Yeah, 2 in the afternoon...however, I will say that I did wake up umpteen times, but I was always able to go back to sleep.) Upon waking my husband tells me he thinks we should go out to eat and suggests Olive Garden. (As he knew I had been craving their soup, salad, and bread sticks. Sweet thing #1) I then preceded inform him I will just take a shower and not wash my hair as it's chilly outside, I don't want to add more symptoms by going outside with wet hair and I don't feel like I have the energy to blow dry my hair after the shower and then go out. (Wow that was quite the run-on sentence....) He then tells me to go ahead and wash my hair and he'll blow dry it for me! Which he did very well I might add! Sweet thing #2

When we finally made it to the car I declined my seat, as car rides seem to take a lot out of me these days. My husband opened the back windows and turns up the heat a little, "so you can get fresh air, but not be too cold." Sweet thing #3

After a wonderful, albeit tiring, meal at Olive Garden, we proceeded to CBTS (my husband's school) where I stayed in the warmed car while my husband picked out a book to read for fun. He choose Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin. Which brings me to Sweet thing #4, my dear sweet husband read that book to me until his throat became raw. At which time he would take a little break, read silently for a few pages, and then began reading out loud again.

While he read that wonderful book, I worked on this sweet picture I had begun several days before.
I had a wonderfully sweet time searching out a verse to put on the bottom of the cupcake. Try doing a quick search of sweet or taste in the Bible and you will find several verses talking about how sweet the Lord's words are to us, or how sweet they should be. Such  a good reminder and Sweet thing #5.

We have continued to read a couple of chapters of Pride and Prejudice every night when Roderick gets home from work. Plus we've been watching the long A& E movie, in sections as they go with the book. Sweet thing #6.

One evening, I believe it was Sunday, I was craving something sweet and my husband found an unopened container of chocolate Haagen-Dazs in the freezer. I know it sounds crazy, but that shared sweet was simply marvelous! Sweet thing #7.

Sweet thing #8 has to be mentioned as well. That sweet thing is the number of you that took the time to comment on my last post. (So many first time comments as well!) Ah, life is sweet and those comments mean the world to me!

I must admit that there are SO many more sweet little things I could a friend stopping by last week to give me a stack of the most delicious ginger cookies I have ever eaten (Fall exuded out of every bite!), or another friend that added a pumpkin cake to the meal she brought to us because she knew I was craving pumpkin.....but I think I'll stop here for now.

As this week has progressed and I have remained feeling pretty blah, my husband has done so many sweet things. Just little things that if it were not for my illness and my specific thought process on taking notice of the sweet things, I may have taken for granted. Although I would never have wished to be sick for this long, I can say it has drawn my heart closer to my husband and has caused our relationship to be sweeter. (Which I wouldn't have thought possible as we already had a sweet relationship.)

The illness has also seemed to draw my heart closer to my Saviour. I still see my need for growth so acutely, but I am thankful for the sweetness of my current relationship with Him. My desire is still that my love for Him grows to be wider and deeper. I am so beyond undeserving of His love it sometimes crushes me. Yet I know that despite that unworthiness, He looks at me and He sees the payment His Son made for me on the cross!

This post is not written to make you think I have a perfect life. That is very far from true! It is written to encourage you, and myself as I read this later, that blessings, little and small, abound and we should strive to take notice of them.  Such an effort can cause such great encouragement despite the fact we are at our "lowest" or maybe because we are there. The Lord is good and life is Sweet!

Have you taken the time to reflect on the sweet gifts the Lord has given you this week?


  1. God IS good and i pray that you feel better soon!

  2. Wow, you sure have had a rough time with mono. So glad that Lord is giving you a heart of thanksgiving! Enjoyed reading this post. Tim and I will be praying for you.


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