Friday, October 15, 2010

Life Happens

I had lofty goals of posting before the end of the week, but obviously that didn't happen. Life has thrown a couple of curve balls our way. First of all almost immediately after I posted the last post I spilled almost an entire glass of coke on my keyboard. Although I tried everything I could to clean it, the spill resulted in the TAB, the letters QWERTY and shift no longer working. The crazy part is that the spill was mainly on the 10-key section of the keyboard. Nevertheless typing on that computer has been quite difficult. Thankfully we have Roderick's laptop. However, he's been on it a lot this week.

This brings us to our second "curve ball." Last week Roderick began complaining of some pain in his back and thought he'd pulled a muscle. A couple of days later I noticed something strange in that same area, but thought it was just a bump. The following day it was a little larger, but we still decided to watch it. After work on Monday, Roderick mentioned that his back was still painful, but really itchy too. Upon seeing the rash beginning to wrap around his side I said, "I think you have shingles." I think this was of the Lord, as I'm not very medical. A quick search on helped to confirm my suspicion. So, he's now on some medication, and has joined me in staying home this week. Thankfully he's getting better.

Thankfully I seem to be improving again as well and have been able to help out around the house a little. I can tell I'm starting to get better by my strong desire to clean and straighten my house. Two months take a tole on a house and it could really use a deep clean. On Wednesday I spent the day sitting in my bathroom and scrubbing everything I could while taking numerous breaks. At least that room feels better now. I can also tell I've been in my house too long by my desire to redecorate. I think my bathroom will be getting a overhaul soon!

Fall finally arrived in our home this week. Melody brought me an adorable pumpkin with a nifty ledge that is "perfect for a ribbon." She left it on our doorstep as she hasn't had chicken pox and she doesn't want them! (I certainly don't blame her!) Today I had Roderick get out the fall decor box and it's starting to feel like fall around here. I love it!

I loved all the comments on the last blog. So many new comments from friends I had no idea were reading the you NellDell and Aunt Debbie. Melody I know you read my blog, but it meant a ton that you commented! Rachel it was fun visiting your site and thanks for commenting. Sara I always love your comments. So without further ado I'll announce the winner. With Roderick home I decided to have him do the honors. I had to laugh when he pulled out this name...

Sara seems to be the lucky one when it comes to my giveaways! I'm pretty sure she also won my last giveaway as well! Sara, I know I had your address at one point, but I need it again.

Hope you have all had a great week! Next week I hope to do a couple posts throughout the week, but you never know what a week can bring!


  1. Congrats, Sara!! Hope you like the earrrings! : )

    Laura's Mom (Feathered Nest Creations)

  2. I am so excited!!!! Yay!!!!

    Thanks so much! That just makes my day!

    225 keri Dr
    Garner, NC

    Your prints look like they turned out great!


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