Saturday, October 16, 2010

Something New...

I tried something today I've never tried before...making a "print" of one of my paintings. Roderick LOVES it! Me, I'm not so sure....the colors are a bit different from the original. It is really neat to see my painting in print, makes me feel a little more like an actual artist somehow. Plus, I love that you can make the print any size you want! I may try out postcard size next. These will be for sale soon to the public at large.
Did you try anything new this weekend?


  1. Cool idea. You could also make your family calendars of these cute prints for Christmas! Andrea W.

  2. So so so cute! I can't think of anything I tried that was new this has been a little crazy, but it sounds like a good idea. Actually, tomorrow I will make cornbread from scratch for the first time...that's new. We will see how it goes! I've been thinking about you and praying for you. Thanks for your great spirit.

  3. Hi! I got my beautiful earrings today! Thanks so much!!!

  4. Hmmm...something new for me. I'm doing P90X, and that's made me sore in many new places! Ha! Honestly, it's a killer workout but a great way to get into shape. Gotta lose the pounds I put on having Paton.
    Lola, I can't wait to see your home at Christmas! Your decorating always inspires me. Oh...are you doing a gingerbread house this year?

  5. Nell Dell - Great to hear from you again. I've heard a lot about P90X,but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to try it!
    I'm getting excited to decorate again. I have a bunch of projects planned for when I'm better. Today marks 3 months of Mono so I'm hoping it's on its way out. I'm not sure whether we'll do a gingerbred house or not. Roderick and I have actually never done one. (Mike does one every year though still! = ))


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