Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I need help...

I mentioned in an earlier post that I am wanting to redo my bathroom. Being cooped up in a house for 3 months I guess does that to you. The bathroom seems the easiest to change {and probably cheapest}. Plus it is one of the few rooms that has been almost untouched since we moved here 3 1/2 years ago.

So here's how it looks now... well almost I have been sick for 3 months {read its not currently picture worthy so the picture is from right after we moved in}

My inspiration for the new room occurred as I was painting a canvas I planned on selling. The plan for the "new" bathroom is black and white {damask and other patterns} with a little aqua and a touch of light purple. (I already have a purple shower curtain hanging over my washer and dryer and I thought I could just switch the two.) I've scoured the Internet for damask towels, rugs, etc. I've found some great options too! Just have to get better to actually go do the shopping. I'm not really liking the idea of paying shipping for items I can go to the store and purchase myself!

Here's some of my idea: 

* Each picture has been linked to the appropriate site 1.) My painting inspiration for the room. Smaller canvas is actually a picture frame canvas I painted after the inspiration "hit." 2.)Anna's linens - seems to be good quality by the reviews, but is it the right blue?? Not sure. 3.) Amazon - they are also available in misty blue {and green - I'm thinking my kitchen needs them!}, but I think I like the black the best and I'll "doctor" them up. 4.) Etsy - Funky Chicken - I think I want to change the switch plates no matter what I decide! 5.) Macy's - Firenza pattern, I think. 6 & 7.) Target - not getting great reviews, but the best I've found other than IKEA. IKEA rug can't be ordered online and I don't want to drive there for $4 rug(s)! 8.) Macy's - Blue dot, again not that great of reviews, but I think the color would be perfect.

Now, however, I'm in a quandary. I finished the paintings I had been working on for the bathroom and hung them up so the wall wouldn't be bare as I wait to change the decor. {I'm planning to sell them at the November 12th conference.} I LOVE the idea of redoing the bathroom and really love the new color scheme.... but the new paintings do look great in there and keeping it as it is would be a whole lot cheaper...

I've never been a very decisive person... so I need your help! What do you think, should I bite the bullet and make the change or just leave it be? Decisions, decisions, decisions!

*  I find it comical that Sara Mincy's post today has several canvas' with Prov. 3:5-6 on it as well. Love that verse! If I redo the room as planned the "new" canvas will also have that verse.


  1. I love your new ideas! The patterns you found are fantastic. I think maybe this would be a fun "celebrate that you are well" project...as soon as that happens :)

  2. You're right, the blue towel is a little off from the canvas color. One thought would be black and white towels? Love the switchplates and mats...but now I see that a bluish towel would be a great pop of color in the bathroom. So, the purple shower curtain works w/ the blue?


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