Monday, November 1, 2010

Enjoying the little things

This saying has really been on my mind and heart lately. I feel like the Lord has struck me with the thought and desire to enjoy the life he's given me, whatever it may be. When life is all comfortable and speeding by, I often forget to "stop and smell the roses." Since I've been sick that's about all I can do.

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks because I didn't want another "I'm still sick post." However, I decided that it was time to post again whether I'm still sick or not. Today marks 3 months of sickness. I've been told that mono is like really bad morning sickness... I'm hoping like morning sickness it will go away after 3 months. (Tomorrow would be nice.) Too bad the "reward" in the end isn't the same!!!

Here's one the little things that has become a big thing lately:
With me stuck in the house most days, outings have taken on more of a gargantuan occasion status. For the last month or two we've had the tradition of going to 3 Amigo's every Saturday. I truly look forward to it! Roderick drops me off at the curb and I either sit on the bench outside (Centerville) or on the benches inside (Battlefield) until he parks the car. By the time he comes in I've gained a little strength again. We ALWAYS share the same thing. When, I say always, I mean always... At both locations the waiter/waitress has placed our orders for us. We love that it's "healthy" and cheap.

I'm hoping when the Lord chooses to heal me from this mono, that I will continue to thank him and enjoy the "little things".

Are there any little things that you've realized really are big things lately?


  1. Seeing the sunrises and sunsets on the cruise made me all the more appreciative of God's handiwork and the beauty He surrounds us with.

    Laura Varner

  2. Now that we live in Utah, I love watching the wildlife. Turkeys cross in front of my car, a red fox frequents the field behind our condos, a doe and her somewhat crippled fawn also live in that field, and there aren't any mosquitoes!


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