Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Colonial Christmas

The church gym was transformed last weekend into a Colonial wonderland. We have some really creative  and talented ladies! They even covered the poles in "brick."

26 different ladies decorated tables complete with china and favors. So many different idea. Here are a few of my favorites....although, it was really hard to only pick a few.


My project was getting all these wonderful cookies together with their recipes. Every lady now has a wonderful collection of 20 different Christmas cookie/treat recipes!
So many great giveaways. Lots of great gifts were handed out, but the best was the "giveaway table." Yep...the whole table went to one lucky lady.
The focus was on fostering gospel relationships among our ladies. Each lady was encouraged to invite their friends and family. We had over 50 guests! Our pastor's wife gave a wonderful gospel centered challenge. I know of a couple of ladies that accepted the Lord as their Savior as a result of the event! Certainly made all the work totally worth it!
May your focus be on Christ and the gospel message this season!


  1. I'd have to say that my favorite is the table w/ the dark blue table cloth, but they were all amazing! How big is your church?

  2. How fun! Wish we could've been there with you all! Thanks for posting the pics!


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