Monday, April 4, 2011

Beach Project(s) #2

These have been on my list for awhile. They were so easy to make and so much fun too. I tried a couple of different rose styles. There is still one more style that I planned on doing, but I decided I already had made enough for the time being.

These were inspired by this post from Make It and Love It. There are still several other projects of hers I'd like to try, but I was happy to at least get one project knocked off the list.

I made a couple headbands for my nieces, but don't have pictures of them. I'll have to check with the resident photographer during their visit, my sister, Tiffany. (Who by the way has recently started a blog called Ti-ti's Times.)

I also made two fabric pins. One went on the money pouch and the other has already been worn with several outfits. I love what a little color can do to an otherwise plain outfit!
As you can see I now have a lot of things made with that fabric. Guess I need more fabric...

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