Friday, April 29, 2011

House Party, Spring Decor, and a Giveaway

The weekend before Easter we were able to host a Johnsonville House Party. Ever heard of House Party? It's a new concept that gives companies advertisement in a new and very FUN way. If you are chosen you get a box full of goodies to serve at the party, plus lots of coupons. I've signed up for several, but this is only the second one I've been chosen to host. (The other was a Betty Crocker Christmas cookie party over a year ago.)
Since it was right before Easter I went with an Easter theme. We ate my own creation Italian Sausage Penne' and Kristen's Penne' Rustica. Both were delicious! We eat quite a bit of Italian Sausage around here so this party was right up my alley. They even sent some Summer sausage and sausage bites to try out. We used them as an easy appetizer.
They also sent a nice big oven mitt, apron and spaghetti scoop that became our door prize. Everyone left with a couple of coupons, one of them for a FREE product. Which brings me to the giveaway. Not everyone I invited was able to attend so I still have a few coupons for the a FREE package of Johnsonville Chicken Sausage left. I will send them out or give them to the first 7 people that comment. Please leave your e-mail address so I can find out where to send them! I have yet to see them in my stores, but the coupon doesn't expire until September. I'm told they are at Walmart, but I NEVER go there. (Have I mentioned my disdain for that store on the blog before??? If not then I was say that coupons have allowed me to avoid the store almost completely for a year. Loving it!!!)

Thanks Johnsonville for allowing us to host such a fun get together!


  1. Cute party! I love that you hate Walmart! I do too!
    Regina :)

  2. Love the decor, Laura! And I love FREE stuff just as much! --Danielle

  3. Very nice house party...


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