Sunday, March 21, 2010

I LOVE a good yard sale!

I went out yard saling for the first time this season. I was surprised by the number of sales there were for so early in the season. I had a short list of things I'd like to find this season and guess what I found almost ALL of them! I love to see what my change can get me! This time I was able to really stretch it and find a whole bunch of steals!
- Bumboo for Asher - the 2 1/2 month old joy I get to watch twice a week - $2!
- Fun rattles again for Asher - 3 for $1
- Laptop case for my husband - $2
- Star Stacker for Asher - $1
- Caterpillar that's about as long as Asher (24 3/4 in!!! His Dad's 6' 9" so we were not surprised to find him in the 97 % for height!) It has a measuring stick on the back of it! = ) - $0.50
- Pampered Chef rolling pin - $0.50
- Basket for Asher's new toys - $0.50
The only thing not on the list was the Rolling pin, but I couldn't pass that one up.
Also on the list was a nice/cheap baby swing. I had a couple of "wants" I wasn't sure I'd be able to find, but I thought I'd at least try.
Want #1 - smaller - travel size
Want #2 - match my current living room theme
Want #3 - must work! (I guess that was a need.)
Didn't find it on my morning run. However, a friend and I were heading home from a baby shower and happened to notice a yard sale along the side of the road that had a swing. Since it was after 3 and late into the day my friend decided to do a U-turn and check it out.
1.) Smaller size with open top - travel size? but it'd work
2.) Burgundy, Green, and yellow plaid - yep matches my living room... and I haven't ever seen one like that!
3.) Tried it out and it worked! May need a new battery though, the slow option was REALLY slow!
Best part is they took $8 for it. Now it needs a little...well okay... a LOT of cleaning, but it's all surface cleaning and shouldn't be that hard to do.
Wow and all on the first day of shopping! I guess I need to add to my list or just quit going all together. Nah....I'll still go it's the only window shopping I feel good doing! Hey I can pay those prices!
For now I'm off to clean some baby toys with a little bleach water. What's the ratio for that anyway? Guess I better google that....or better yet I'll use Swagbucks maybe I'll earn me something!


  1. I'm glad you posted on my blog- nice to catch up on yours, too!! Your post really inspires me to get out and garage sale more this spring. You got some bargains!
    Thanks for commenting, too, about Elyse's eyes- I really was amazed at how talented these eye doctors are. I'm sure you saw all sorts of interesting toys in your years there :) My favorite is the barking dog :)

  2. Wow-I just bought a bumboo awhile back and I had to spent $28. That was the cheapest price I could find. Yours looks like it's in great shape. Great yard sale finds!!
    Love ya,


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