Friday, March 12, 2010

(A little behind) Last weeks shopping

I definitely went to a lot more different stores than normal last week. Roderick and I needed to be out of the house Wed while some work was being done in our house. (The fumes were putting strong to say the least!) So we went to Walgreens for the Red Barron that was on sale and since its right next to Harris Teeter I decided to run in and get a couple of their deals. Then I went to Rite Aid on my own and then my usual Wednesday Farm Fresh run with Melody.
Farm Fresh
Total $20.17
Savings with coupons -43%
Best deals - Activia - Free Danimals - Free Softsoap - Free Glass Plus - Free Eddys - $0.50 (Not picuted - a gal of Milk.)
Rite Aid
$2.19 with SCR of $3.00 to come next month
Walgreens -
Harris Teeter
I also got 2 24 pks of Deer Park water, but they were still in the car when I took this picture. They were one of the best deals. eVIC price $2.88 and they were BOGO so I got 48 water bottles for $2.88. I send Roderick with water every day. I know not the best for the environment... I'm working on that. = ) I got all of this for less than the Finish's regular price of $10!
Total for week:
(I didn't include CVS this week since it went in to the February budget. Which had a final lower than I've ever gotten!)

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  1. I'm not sure you got a great deal on that pop at Rite Aid!!??? It look half gone!! :}

    Love ya,


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