Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cabin {Colorado Adventure Part 1}

While in Colorado we were able to spend a couple of day relaxing at Roderick's parents cabin. There isn't much that is more relaxing than a cabin in the mountains!

Roderick had fun fishing. He wanted to make it clear that he didn't actually catch the fish....just reeled him in. Bruce had been fishing with power bate while Roderick was fishing with lures. The fish seemed to be liking the power bate, so Roderick decided to switch. When it was almost time to leave and Roderick still hadn't caught anything, Bruce handed him his pole with two power bate hooks on it. No sooner had Bruce cast than he had a bite on Roderick's old pole. SO....he had Roderick reel it in. Roderick said he wasn't concerned, "No fish has the ability to take away my joy!" I'm glad my husband has his priorities straight!
This is what I spent time doing... painting!

1 comment:

  1. Looks like a sweet place to visit.
    Great attitude Roderick! (about the fish) :)

    love ya, Mom


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