Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hurry up and wait

So some of you may find this boring, but we found it very entertaining.

First off I have to give a little back story.
When we were in Colorado last week we decided since I still wasn't better to go to my old doctor and make sure it was okay for me to go visit Roderick's parents cabin and see if she had any ideas of what was wreaking havoc with my body.

Well here's how the visit went:

1:45 Laura walked slowly into the office
         Roderick starts to fill out paper work and check Laura in.

1:47ish Laura walks slowly past Roderick at the front desk still filling out paper work.

1:48 ish Laura gets vitals taken and goes into the room.

1:49 ish Doctor enters the room WHILE nurse is still taking vitals.

1:51 ish Roderick enters room...while doctor is taking very detailed notes on her laptop.

2:20 Walk out of the doctors office with mouths wide open in amazement.

9:00 pm Still can't stop talking about the visit and the ease of getting blood for testing at the lab down the road. {They almost always have trouble getting blood out of me! More often than not its taken out of my hand!}

Why our mouths were wide open.
The following is nothing against our doctor here, its just comical the difference. "Small town"/ "Big town" difference??? Well you'll see what were talking about.

10: 20ish Walk into office for 10:30 appointment. We were asked to be there 15 minutes early, but we decided that wasn't completely necessary. You'll see why...

10:21ish Laura starts brand new book to keep occupied during wait

11:08ish  Nurse takes us back to do vitals. No rooms available. Back to the waiting room.

11:15ish Laura continues reading her book

11:51ish Brought back to room and Laura continues reading her book

{Laura takes a picture realising this would make a "great" blog}

12:30ish Doctor walks into room

1:00ish Laura goes to the bathroom. {Gotta make sure this isn't the result of pregnancy.}

1:02ish Laura starts reading book again.

1:10ish such luck!! Nurse does an EKG.

1:15ish Laura reads a little more of her book.

1:30ish Doctor returns to remove a suspicious mole from Laura's back. (Ya the appointment was scheduled for this months ago. Way before this "thing" ever started, so we did double duty.)

1:40ish Laura goes down the hall to have chest ex-ray.

1:50ish Laura returns to room and starts reading her book again.

2:00ish Roderick answer phone call for car pool quickly, just in case the doctor returns. Warns he may not be able to make it home in time to car pool today.

2:20ish Roderick leaves room to call work and say he'll be late.

2:25ish Doctor returns and says everything's normal. Send her to a lab to take gallons of blood 5 vials of blood.

2:30ish Leave doctors office very hungry and amazed that Laura is 130 pages into her book!

2:31ish Laura rejoices that Roderick's work allows him to take sick days for family illnesses!

3:00 Eat at Chick -Fil- A

4:00 Return home after successfully giving gallons of blood 5 vials of blood. (And only reading 4 more pages of book.

4:01 Laugh at the difference.Took a nap! {And prayed the Lord will miraculously heal Laura so they can avoid the doctor until her next yearly physical!!}


  1. Wow, that is a REALLY long dr. appt. Are you feeling better by the way. Hope you are!

  2. Kristen - Thanks so much for the comment. Love them!!
    Unfortunately I am not better yet... hence the long list of tests. I'm still kind of hoping the fatigue will just go away on it's own. While I sit around I have energy, but I feel pretty gross and deenergized at even the simple things still! (Like taking a shower, short walks,or even standing for a short period of time.) After a month I'm way over the feeling!!


Thanks for taking the time to comment. They brighten my day. I love each and every one!

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