Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunshine Flowers, Painting, and Health Update

Still laying low. Would have thought that after a month and half I would be over the tired achy feeling if I do too much. (Which is still surprisingly little!) Learned on Friday night that the lab results do indeed indicate mono. I am certainly improving and am now able to do a bit more around the house. For some reason leaving the house for long periods seems to be too much still. Almost everywhere you go you have to walk for awhile and I'm still only able to do short stints of that. We solved this problem on Saturday at the grocery store with me sitting in the child double seat cart extension. (It did say it was for one adult or two children...up to 300lbs.) Even if it was a bit unconventional, it worked great! I decided since I was spending so much time cooped up inside I needed to have some sunshine flowers. Loving something new to look at.

With choices of activities limited I've continued to do a lot of painting. Yesterday I painted outside on the porch so I can at least get some fresh air and sunshine. Here's the paintings I've finished over the past couple of week:

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