Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Favorite - Growth

I have really enjoyed watching the plants on my porch grow this year. Here they are freshly planted:
Now a few months later!

 It is truly amazing to watch things grow and produce "fruit." Our creator is amazing! To think we could get 5 bell peppers, a tomato and lots of basil from plants (Plus 4 new tomatoes currently growing)! AMAZING!!

Pepper Plant Progression

Tomato Plant Progression
" Tomato twins" - looked like  single tomato on the plant, turned out to be two!

Well, at least this is how they looked earlier this week. But I do have an "unfavorite".... pressure washers! Here's the results of these nasty devices:

It's a rather ugly site and it just makes me sick to look at! I have to admit we did know that the pressure washer was coming and my husband did attempt to move things out of the way to avoid the plants getting hurt. They've gotten so big its not like we could move them inside or anything! Here for hoping for a complete recovery!!! I've been babying them and talking to them ever since.

Here's the other growth I've been working on and hope to be working on till the day I die!

Hope you had a great week of growth!

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  1. Oh, poor plants. Your know how much I believe in talking to your plants and babying them. Knowing how much you love them is to bound to bring them back. Remember how many times it has worked for me after a hail storm in Colorado. : )
    Love ya, Mom


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