Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Favorite - hobby

Painting has definitely become my favorite hobby. It is so relaxing for me. There is also such a satisfaction in knowing its your creation!

Recently I've been working on some projects to sell. Every year, or at least for the past 2 years, Melody and I  have tried to sell a few items at a huge ladies conference her Mom's church goes to every year.We had thought about not doing the conference at all this year. However, when we found out it would actually be in our town, we decided we had to find SOMETHING to sell!  The first year we sold wreaths and that went okay, but not too great. Last year we tried to sell the wreaths we had left at a drastically reduced rate and we still had a hard time. I was curious to see if I could sell some of my paintings. So I made 5 or 6 small canvas' with Christmas colors and verses on them. To my great surprise they ALL sold! So this year we'll be mainly selling the paintings.

 When I look at other painters like Sara from Sara's Art House, I do wonder if I even have a chance! The good news is that if there are any left I know my husband will "buy" them. He wants to keep everything I create. So glad to have a husband that supports and loves my hobby! Anyway here's a few I've finished - we'll see how they sell!

These last two were created in the hotel on our trip to Charlottesville for our anniversary. I'm struggling with what verse or sayings to put on them...Any advice or suggestions?!?!?Any suggests on colors I should do on future paintings?!?!?

*Please excuse the messy work station picture. The first couple of sick days I had enough energy to do a little painting and I was working on this project. It abruptly got stopped as I became sicker, but I'm hoping as I start to get energy again to finish it. It's proving to be one of my favorites!


  1. So fun!! I bet the last two would be good with a verse from the Psalms.

  2. I really like your "Rejoice always" sign and your colorful owl. All of them should sell well.Lovely just lovely!

    Love ya, Mom

  3. Awesome hobby...i have decided to be your follower..:)


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