Saturday, August 14, 2010


For this wonderful man...
.....who has pretty much waited on me hands and food this past week. He's also washed lots of laundry, done dishes, cooked.... basically everything I normally do. (Yeah, I'm so lucky he just brought me a dish of chocolate pudding too!) No its not because he has nothing to do. Actually its completely the opposite. He has huge projects for seminary due next week and should have been reading all the time with me waiting on him hand and foot. So why has he been doing this?? Well....

   The past week I've been struggling with an illness. We really don't know what it is exactly. Last Saturday I went to Patients First with a horrible ear ache that Tylenol nor Advil seemed able to touch. It had been getting progressively worse. Of course it was at its "height", or at least I thought so at the time, on Saturday so I couldn't go to my regular doctor. The doctor there cleaned out the ear and although "it doesn't look too bad" prescribed amoxicilin for an ear infection. After three days of amoxicillin the pain had not only gotten worse, but had migrated to my other ear. AND I had no energy to do anything. I pretty much stayed either on the couch or in my bed the whole day. We decided to go to our regular doctor and see if I needed to be put on something stronger to kill the bacteria. 

   She told us that the ears looked great, but my glands were extremely swollen. She tested for both strep throat and mono. (Which I thought quite odd as my throat didn't hurt at all.) She prescribed Vicodin! (NEVER been on that before!) And she told me I should be on bed rest until next week! Yeah I really wasn't happy with that... isn't that only something pregnant women do???

   Well, both tests have now come back negative. The bed rest part, well... as much as I don't like it, I have no energy to anything other than that. While I lie down I feel like I have energy, but as soon as I get up, even to go the bathroom, I know that I'm sick! I'm just hoping it all goes away just as fast as it started!

 So as I sit here laying wondering when I'll be able to help my wonderful husband I'm wondering... Why does it take an illness to make me thankful for health, for the ability to do simple tasks, and for the Lord giving me such a giving husband? Yes, I am truly blessed much more than I'll ever deserve!


  1. Oh no :( Praying you get better soon. I have been in the same boat. Mine has been a sore throat and then it moved to my chest- but it is the tiredness and no energy that is the worst.

  2. So sorry to hear that! It's amazing how you have SO much more sympathy when you are feeling this way as well. I've been praying I'll never forget it!

  3. Tell Roderick I'm thankful for him also. Wish we could be there to help.
    Love, Mom B


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