Friday, August 6, 2010

Charlottsville - Monticello

A couple of weekends ago we went on a spontaneous anniversary trip to Charlottesville. (Hard to believe it's been 3 year since we said " I DO." Then again it feels like we've always been married. Still loving the married life!) It wasn't quite as spontaneous as this trip. However, the decision was made at lunch on Sunday and I only have a half hour to pack before we left. (I was thankful he gave me that much time!) He had taken two days off for our anniversary months before, and we really did talk about what we wanted to do. Guess we changed out minds at the last minute. I for one am really glad we did. It was just the relaxing weekend we both needed!
As you can tell Monticello was a lovely, lovely place. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day either. I'd totally recommend going. Amazing what Jefferson the ingenious things he did to make the house more "functional." I'd still consider it a mansion even to this day and it was built in the 1800s! More of that trip in a future post!


  1. I'm glad you are getting in some of those fun trips you can only do there while you are so close. Love the pictures. Really like the "together" picture. The person who took it for you caught a nice smile on both of you. : )
    Love you,

  2. You guys crack me up with your last-minute trips. I think it's awesome - but I'm too much of a planner. I'm so glad you got to go though. I love love love that area - sooooo pretty. Happy number 3!!!

  3. I love your last minute trips! What a fun way to spend your anniversary. I was just thinking about Tim staying with Rod a few days/weeks (I can't remember) b/f he got married, b/c he had already moved into your apartment. Can't believe it was just 3 years ago.


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